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Estonia is a world leader in identity cards and mobile and device-independent e-ID solutions. Based on ultra-high encryption and user convenience, e-ID can be used to vote, sign smart contracts, make contactless payments and is being adopted by business and governments globally.

  • 98% of Estonians have ID-card
  • 88% use the internet regularly
  • 350+M digital signatures given
  • 5 days per year saved with digital signatures

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98% of Estonians possess an ID card and use it regularly to securely identify themselves and utilise e-services. Over 33,000 e-residents use their Estonian ID card to sign contracts, access financial services and run their Estonian company, where and when suits them best.

While many countries and businesses around the world struggle with online trust, Estonia already has proof of concept. The World Bank estimates Estonians save a remarkable five days per year using digital signatures. Digital business models are proven to be more profitable and agile. UNCTAD has adopted Estonian e-ID solutions as the secure way to grow e-commerce in emerging markets.

Estonia’s expertise in the field comes from world-class skills in cyber security and active collaboration between government,telecommunication and financial service providers such as Telia, Swedbank and SEB. Ultra-high user convenience and strong legal protection create the trust required for use across a of applications.

Estonia’s transition to high-speed, mobile telecommunications has driven innovation in the field. Mobile-ID solutions allow users to utilise their smartphone for e-services by creating a secure, encrypted connection to the service provider.

Smart-ID is a next generation e-ID solution, providing secure authentication and electronic signing for device-independent transactions where there is no SIM card. Already used in three countries and eIDAS-compliant, Smart-ID is the most advanced e-ID solution in the European Union today.

As many aspects of life, business and government move online, Estonian e-ID solutions set the standard for security and user convenience.


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