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High-tech systems

Estonia has unique expertise in developing and managing IT systems and is home to connected networks in transportation, the world’s largest blockchain company, the EU’s centre of large-scale systems and R&D into 5G telecommunications.

  • 2008 Blockchain first used in Estonia
  • 2,000+ services connected to the Estonian X-Road
  • 300M+ queries via X-Road annually
  • #11 globally for M2M subscriptions

Our advantages

#1in Europe in Global Cybersecurity Index
icon-e-policeExtensive use of Blockchain technologies since 2008.
icon-serverConnected networks used in energy and transportation sectors.
icon-desktopTrusted to develop and manage large scale IT systems of EU and NATO.
icon-bulbPioneer in R&D for 5G telecommunications and cloud computing.
icon-facesWorld class skills in IT architecture, UX and cyber security.


300M+queries via X-Road annually

Estonia has highly skilled architects who are experienced in creating complex, reliable, cross-border systems.

Estonia’s early expertise stems from e-government solutions. X-Road is our system of public and private sector databases which function in harmony to support e-services. Outgoing data is digitally signed and encrypted while incoming data is authenticated and logged. New services and databases are easily added. Reliable, secure and scalable, X-Road has been adopted by countries as diverse as Finland and Namibia, and ensures Estonia has world class skills in decentralised databases and connected networks for the Blockchain and IOT era.

Estonia’s e-Tax system provides automatic calculations, one click returns and real-time data. 95% of all tax declarations in Estonia are filed electronically, taking just minutes for users and providing efficiency to the state. As a result of this innovation Estonia has the most competitive tax code in the OECD.

Estonia is also expert at managing and protecting high-tech systems, being home to the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (NATO CCD COE) and the European Agency for the operational management of large-scale IT systems (EU LISA). The latter supports high volume, cross-border flows of data in real-time in the areas of freedom, security and justice.

Nor is Estonia’s expertise limited to government solutions. Guardtime, the world’s largest blockchain company, trusts Estonia to provide their cryptographers, developers and security architects. Estonian banking and fintech systems are adopted globally. Global telecoms giants Ericsson and Telia research and develop new systems in Estonia.

As the global IT architecture transforms towards blockchain, platforms and cloud, Estonian expertise in developing, managing and protecting high-tech systems makes it the trusted investment location.

High-tech systems

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