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Industrial digitalisation / Industry 4.0

Estonia has a sizeable Advanced Industrial sector and world-class IT expertise in areas including high tech systems, control technologies and cyber security. Supported by a collaborative ecosystem well suited to research and development, Estonia is emerging as a centre of excellence in industrial automation.

  • 25% of GDP from Industrial and IT activity
  • #1 in Europe for cyber security
  • #11 globally for M2M subscriptions
  • #6 in Europe for ease of doing business

Our advantages

#1in Europe for electronic ID and cyber security
Advanced IndustrySizeable Advanced Industrial sector serving global markets.
IT R&DWorld-class IT expertise including high tech systems, software, cyber security and Blockchain.
EcosystemCollaborative ecosystem supporting rapid innovation, development and launch of solutions.
Digital infrastructurePro-business environment with digitally enabled infrastructure.
Track recordStrong track record of successful Industrial Automation innovation and investment.


#1Barclays Digital Development Index

Estonia has been applying technology to solve Industrial challenges for over 20 years. Early adoption of robotics for productivity and quality gains led to the development of sensors and control systems by global companies including ABB (read more), Columbus and Nortal.

Over time the industry has become more sophisticated. Enterprise management systems such as those of Proekspert and Tieto are developed in Estonia for global use. Expertise in mechatronics with embedded software supports a hardware capability ranging from smart devices to autonomous delivery robots. GrabCAD’s cloud-based collaboration solution for engineers and Planet OS’ big data solution for energy producers have attracted global awards and investors.

Estonia’s digitally enabled infrastructure, soon to be 5G (with pilot networks already launched), and IT expertise create world leadership in physical-digital combinations. Smart Grid, a network of connected smart energy meters, provides real-time and predictive data on consumption to stakeholders. Demand can be balanced, production mix optimised and cost and environmental impact reduced. Smart Grid is protected by world-class cyber security capabilities including software, anti-tamper hardware and Blockchain.

Further success is expected thanks to Estonia’s pro-business environment which supports agile operations and a collaborative ecosystem well suited to rapid innovation, development and launch of hardware and software solutions. Areas of development include intelligent monitoring, data-driven manufacturing, autonomous robots and platforms.

With digital capability now a source of competitive advantage, Estonia’s ability to deliver cutting-edge innovation and reliable engineering in a competitive environment make it the smart, agile location for the Industrial IoT era.

Industrial digitalisation / Industry 4.0

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Need more information?

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