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Metaverse is the parallel universe or a unified universal virtual world, facilitated by the use of virtual and augmented reality headsets. In addition to the fact that existing products and services can be transferred to the Metaverse, it achieves a completely new economic environment and opportunities to create and market products and services that are unique to the Metaverse. Simply said, Metaverse has no limits in Estonia.

  • #4 globally for science education
  • 99% of the state’s services are available online
  • #4 in economic freedom in Europe
  • 98% of companies established online

Our advantages

#4globally for science education
icon-scienceThe Estonian education system endorses innovation and technology.
icon-laptopA very well-developed, widespread, and rich IT ecosystem on all levels.
icon-applySimplicity and transparency in business creation.
icon-courtThe rights related to the protection of intellectual property are well protected.
icon-laptopThe political will, skills, and curiosity to implement innovative Metaverse solutions.


Estonia is a highly innovative country, where for the last thirty years the country has favoured the use of various online innovations in the daily lives of its residents. Several important aspects of the Metaverse have been developed in Estonia already far before they got trendy in the rest of the world. Like Blockchain – the technology started to be tested here before Bitcoin was released.

Estonia has the political will, skills, and curiosity to implement innovative solutions. Some examples of Estonian companies in the Metaverse business include Vriendly, which powers collaborative sessions and game studio functions. NFTPort provides one-stop, simple, and developer-friendly NFT infrastructure & APIs for developers e.g. Stripe for NFTs. It brings NFT applications to market in hours instead of months, taking care of the NFT infrastructure so that businesses can focus on their core business model. ReadyPlayerMe is the most popular cross-game avatar platform in the world for the Metaverse. Their RPM lets you create an avatar from a single photo and use it among 2,000+ different virtual worlds.

In Estonia, both public and private sector services and the ability of users to access these services are very well connected. There is both a hardware and a software infrastructure, many users at different levels (service providers, service users, individuals), user awareness and skills, and the necessary mindset. The Estonian IT sector is very diverse, experienced, and has all the necessary competence elements. The development of a Metaverse-specific infrastructure and products and services is a clear step in light of the previous projects.

Estonian residents are an active test group who are ready to use new innovative solutions immediately. Estonian society is used to using different services and people also have the necessary equipment-based infrastructure and basic knowledge to deliver online. There is also a high level of overall trust in online services and products.

Estonia has all the elements that are necessary from the point of view of investors and entrepreneurs: an innovative environment, a simple tax system, fast administrative processes, and authorities and residents open to innovation. Additionally, it has one of the highest concentrations of start-ups and unicorns per capita in the world.


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Need more information?

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