EdTech e-Pitch event - Wednesday, October 14 2020

edtech e-pitch event

Wednesday, October 14 2020

EdTech e-Pitch event

Wednesday, October 14 2020

2:00 PM
Opening comments by host Calum Cameron
2:03 PM
Welcome by Nikky Smedley
2:05 PM
Welcome by Andreas Heiki Pant
2:09 PM
Pitch presentation and Q&A by Tutor.ID
2:17 PM
Pitch presentation and Q&A by Loquiz
2:25 PM
Pitch presentation and Q&A by ELIIS
2:33 PM
Pitch presentation and Q&A by Futuclass
2:41 PM
Pitch presentation and Q&A by Bizplay
2:49 PM
Pitch presentation and Q&A by Clanbeat Education
2:57 PM
Pitch presentation and Q&A by 99math
3:05 PM
3:10 PM
End of the event
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Event communication was held in Slack.
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With the highest number of unicorns per capita of any country in the world*, one of the world’s fastest broadband speeds and an education system that teaches every child how to code, Estonia is considered by many as a start-up paradise.

Bolt, Skype, Transferwise and Playtech, valued at over $1bn US* were all conceived in Estonia, and the numerous government initiatives that support technology and small businesses continue to enable Estonia’s start-up entrepreneurs to deliver disruptive innovation.

Pitching live on the event:

99 math

Already live in 106 countries, 99 math is a social gaming platform with leaderboards, badges and other gamification that brings together pupils, teachers, classes and parents with captivating maths games, designed for all ability levels

Download PDF Overview ↴ https://99math.com/

Clanbeat Education

With $1.2m funds raised, Clanbeat is a personalised learning solution that helps teachers to quickly and precisely hone in on students’ well-being, utilise relevant data to support student’s individual development journeys and together strengthen the foundations for lifelong, self-directed learning.

Download PDF Overview ↴ https://www.clanbeat.com/


With 500 early childhood educational institutions in Europe subscribing, ELIIS is a SaaS solution for preschools, kindergartens and nurseries that revolutionises preschool operations, child development and communication for teachers and parents

Download PDF Overview ↴ https://www.eliis.ee


Bizplay nurtures and develops children’s entrepreneurial, financial and life skills via an online platform that provides real-life roleplay, facilitated learning and extraordinary programmes

Download PDF Overview ↴ https://bizplay.ee/


With >200 co-creation sessions completed, Futuclass is a game-changing educational VR game that gives upper middle school students the opportunity to solve science challenges and see the practical demonstrations and experiments that cash-short schools and home schooling programs often can’t deliver. Futuclass is the brainchild of education and game designers and science teachers, covering subjects from upper middle school chemistry and physics curricula.

Download PDF Overview ↴ https://www.futuclass.com/


Loquiz is a sophisticated gaming tool that creates professional scavenger hunts. With rich content using real-world objects, game ideas, support and community, Loquiz is already live in >30 countries with >100,000 players,

Download PDF Overview ↴ https://loquiz.com/


Tutor.ID is an all-in-one online tutoring management tool that matches pupils and students with tutors from leading universities and schools around the globe. With more than 16,000 bookings made to date and 98% user satisfaction, TutorID enables students to access the best teaching and track learning online.

Download PDF Overview ↴ https://tutor.id/

estonian investment agency

On the very first day of pandemic lockdown Estonian startup community launched a 48h online-hackathon #HacktheCrisis to develop moonshot ideas to tackle the crisis and its aftermath.

With this action, Estonia started a global movement of online hackathons that took place in more than 40 countries. The movement culminated in the world´s biggest hackathon ever #GlobalHack that was organised by Estonian lead team in April.

“Estonians have always been solution-oriented. Our startups act and create a new future for themselves and for their customers. That is the mindset to invest in today, tomorrow and always,” noted Raido Lember, Director of Estonian Investment Agency.

EIA offers comprehensive, one-stop investment consultancy services, free of charge, which are always tailored to meet potential and existing investors’ precise needs.

Our mission is to help foreign investors grow their businesses and improve their competitiveness. We also help create conditions needed for sustainable development in the Estonian economy.

We are a reliable, long-term and preferred partner for foreign investors in the Baltic Sea region. Our agency has been awarded the Top Investment Agency title by Site Selection Magazine for two consecutive years (2018 and 2019).

EIA is also happy to be the organisation behind such initiatives as Work in EstoniaThe International House of Estoniae-Estonia Briefing Centre and e-Residency, the government-issued digital ID available to anyone in the world.

Our services

  • information services and investment preparation
  • investment proposals and visits
  • consulting and project management
  • facilitating contacts, negotiation with authorities
  • organising recruitment and identifying suitable properties
  • post-investment / aftercare services

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Event team

Marika Goldman

Marika Goldman

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Andreas Heiki Pant

Andreas Heiki Pant

FDI and Export Manager in the United Kingdom [email protected] +44 20 7838 5395
Karena Vaughan

Karena Vaughan

Founder & Managing Director Catalina Consulting
Nikky Smedley

Nikky Smedley

Presentation coach
Inga Kõue

Inga Kõue

EdTech Sector Project Lead at Startup Estonia
Special thanks to Startup Estonia for the support of organising the event

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