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Estonian electric vehicle startup Nobe is looking for an investment of €3 million to expand car production to the US

Estonian startup Nobe has hired experienced tech and marketing people from Apple and Boeing and is looking for an investment of €3M to expand car production to the US.

“We are in the phase of attracting investors and soon the vehicle will be shown to potential investors,” the founder and CEO of Nobe, Roman Muljar says. Muljar told Invest Estonia that the Nobe share is available with an investment of 3 million euros.

With the support of investors, Nobe wants to start an assembly plant in the US next to the Estonian factory and assemble at least 300 cars a year there, according to company’s business plan.

Nobe sees America and its B2B sector as its main market

“Rental companies want to be different. They see that we can offer an experience with a different vehicle. Top hotels that give customers luxury and sports cars to drive within the room rate also want to be different. If an older couple comes with a Bentley, then there is no point in giving them a similar car, but they may like a small red electric vehicle,” Muljar says.

Recently, the company has established a subsidiary Nobe Cars USA in the States and involved in the management and ownership of the company Mati Otsmaa, an Estonian based in Silicon Valley, who has previously helped to launch the computer giant Apple.

A new model is coming


Nobe’s new model 100-horsepower model will be launched this summer.

“With the first two cars, we have learned how to optimize body parts, we have moved away from the engines inside the wheel, we have increased the power,” Muljar explains the innovations of the new model. For this purpose, Nobe has involved an experienced aircraft builder. Olivier Chabilan, a former Boeing and Airbus aircraft manufacturer, is responsible for the agile car assembly process.

The retro-style three-wheeler Nobe claims to be the world’s most sustainable car with fully upgradeable tech and hardware. It is also fully recyclable. The car has a range of 260 km on a single two-hour charge, with top speed of 130 km/h. It weighs just 600kg. The interior features a built-in espresso machine and three seats for four people. The three-wheel design is the main part of the reason why the car is so light and efficient. Another clearly distinctive feature is the retro-looking design inspired by vintage American style.

Nobe recently won the Automotive Brand Contest 2020 award in the Exterior Premium Brand competition organized by the German Design Council.

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