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Estonia’s Bolt to become the largest micromobility provider in Europe next year

Bolt, the leading European mobility platform, unveiled plans to bring its micromobility services to more than 100 cities next year. The company will operate 130,000 electric scooters and electric bikes in 2021, becoming the largest operator of shared light electric vehicles in Europe. Bolt will invest more than €100 million in growing its micromobility business and building its custom-made hardware.

In recent months, Bolt has accelerated the expansion of its micromobility services to 45 cities in 15 countries, including Sweden, France and Portugal. The company launched an electric bike-sharing service, becoming the first on-demand transportation platform in Europe to have electric bikes, scooters, and ride-hailing under a single brand in one app.

Markus Villig, CEO and co-founder of Bolt said: “Our cities are suffering from traffic, emissions and lack of public space caused by parking. We believe that the future of urban transport is a network of on-demand services – ride-hailing, electric scooters, bikes and other light vehicles. The days where every person needs to buy a car are over.

We’ve seen that one of the biggest bottlenecks in the transition to shared electric mobility is pricing, which is why we’re excited to bring affordable scooters and electric bikes to even more countries across Europe next season, including Germany and the UK. Bolt is the largest European ride-hailing network, which enables us to offer the best prices to customers thanks to shared costs between the businesses.”

Earlier this year, Bolt introduced its first custom-made electric scooter model, fully designed and engineered in-house. Bolt’s scooters are modular and therefore highly repairable, with an estimated lifespan of up to five years, and fully recyclable.

In September 2020, Bolt announced a commitment to become climate positive (carbon negative) in its electric scooter operations by the end of 2020. Bolt will support projects that remove more carbon from the atmosphere than the manufacturing and maintenance of Bolt’s e-scooters produces.

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