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Estonia’s Spacedrip raises €1.5M to tackle global clean water scarcity

Estonian startup Spacedrip has secured €1.5 million to develop its water treatment robots and alleviate global clean water scarcity

Estonian startup Spacedrip has raised €1.5 million to develop its water treatment robots. The company’s technology can purify wastewater from homes into clean water that can be reused for a variety of purposes. The funds will be used for product development and expansion into foreign markets, with the goal of achieving global reach before 2030, when water scarcity is predicted to reach catastrophic proportions worldwide.

The investment round was led by Eigenkapital, Vestman Energia AS, MSM, CEO of Milrem Kuldar Väärsi, former Minister of Finances Taavi Veskimägi, and several other Estonian investors and entrepreneurs. Spacedrip’s water reuse systems will be used by companies, cities, and defence forces that need to operate in water-scarce areas in Europe, Africa, and the United States. The first water reuse systems will be delivered to the US Army for testing in 2023.

Watering the world

Water scarcity is an issue of global concern. According to UNICEF, 700 million people could be displaced by water scarcity by 2030, which poses a threat to the global population’s health and well-being. Water treatment technology like Spacedrip’s robots is crucial for ensuring that water resources are used efficiently and sustainably.

In the last decades, Estonia has made significant progress in ensuring good water quality for its citizens. According to the European Environment Agency, Estonia has achieved a high level of compliance with EU water quality standards. In 2020, 98% of the country’s coastal and transitional waters were classified as being of good or high ecological status, which indicates good water quality.

Yet global access to clean water is under constant threat. Spacedrip is tackling it through three main offerings.

  • Wastewater treatment systems capable of treating and reusing wastewater for irrigation, toilet flushing, and technical reuse with 1,000-190,000 litres in daily volume.
  • Water & heat recovery systems for multi-story houses focused on water reuse for unpotable applications with 5,000-200,000 litres daily capacity.
  • Water circulation systems for off-grid locations produce drinkable water options in a fully autonomous water system. This system, available for preorders, will be delivering 500-3,000 litres per day.

 Spacedrip water treatment robot

“We have several strategic partners among our investors who will help us expand into new markets in the coming years, both in the real estate and defence sectors,” said Joonatan Oras, CEO and founder of the company.

The company has already completed several successful pilot projects, powering water delivery across the world. In Nairobi’s Uhuru Park, its automated wastewater reuse system treats up to 60 cubic meters of wastewater per day and reuses it to irrigate the park. In Estonia, among others, it installed a water circulation system for the off-grid office of Auve Tech, an autonomous automotive developer.

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