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Pärnumaa Vocational Education Centre

Pärnumaa Vocational Education Centre is an innovative vocational training centre, situated in the South-West of Estonia, in Pärnu.

Pärnumaa Vocational Education Centre (PVEC) is an innovative vocational training centre, situated in West Estonia, in Pärnu. Created in February 2003, by uniting three vocational schools of the region. PVEC is open to cooperation at every level, and the organisation’s vision is to have a high reputation as a school with an acknowledged learning environment, training professionals who are competitive both at local and international labour markets.

PVEC has two study departments: Technical Department and Service and Management Department. Both departments have a great variety of curricula. They are engaging with lifelong learning and vocational education based on middle- or high school education. In some of the specialities, it is possible to study without any previous education requirement.

Besides vocational studies for the students, the school has an Adult Education Service which offers a wide range of courses to adult learners. One of PVEC priorities is to develop and encourage lifelong learning. In cooperation with the local companies, the school provides short or long term courses for the employees of the companies.

The school has 140 employees, about 1,100 students and 2,000 adult learners attend different courses yearly. The unique feature of PVEC is the compact school campus, including five buildings in a natural environment.

The school is ready for cooperation with businesses. It has suitable infrastructure, staff and ability to give out certificates. Time frame: shortest amount of time for preparing a new course (not a degree course) is one month. If the company needs a degree course, then it has to be confirmed in Ministry of Education and Research and that takes at least one year. Minimum number of students per course: 3.

The school has been granted with an Erasmus+ international learning mobility charter. The Vocational Education learning mobility charter is accredited to vocational education schools that have been successful in organizing quality learning mobility to their students and workers. Its main goal is to support sending organizations improvement of learning mobility management, while at the same time continuing to acknowledge and develop learning mobility. Pärnumaa Vocational Educational school has cooperation partners in companies and educational institutions across Europe.

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