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Invest in Estonia Toolkit

The following materials are intended to serve the needs of anyone, whose job it is to present and promote the investment opportunities in Estonia. These materials are free to use and share for anyone promoting or interested in doing business in Estonia.

If interested in more thorough information on e-Estonia topics, be sure to also have a look at the e-Estonia toolkit.

Estonia at a Glance - Presentation

A presentation on the economy of Estonia and the Estonian Investment Agency.

  • Download the presentation in English
  • Download the presentation in German

Investment Guide

Find all you need to know about business in Estonia: the 0% income tax on retained or reinvested profits, skilled workforce, and the world's most innovative e-services in one booklet.

  • Download the Investment Guide in English
  • Download the Investment Guide in German

Key events

A list of the most important events in Estonia in 2024

  • Download the overview

Estonia attracts talent

Everything you need to know about the Estonian work environment and settling in

  • Download the Q&A about the talent situation in Estonia
  • Download the Relocation guide to Estonia

Offshore wind value chain in Estonia

An enlightening journey through the various stages of the offshore wind value chain.

  • Download the brochure

Why nearshore to Estonia booklet

A thorough overview of why nearshore or reshore to Estonia.

  • Download the booklet

Startup ecosystem

A thorough overview of Estonia´s vibrant startup ecosystem.

  • Download the Startup ecosystem overview

Invest Estonia wordmark / logo

Instead of a single logo we use wordmarks that link Estonia and the field of Investing. The wordmarks have a fixed graphic form and rules for usage which cannot be altered. You can read more about wordmarks here.

  • Download the Invest Estonia wordmark package

e-Estonia Guide

Follow the incredible success story that has grown out of a partnership involving a forward-thinking government, proactive IT sector and switched-on tech-savvy population. This brochure gives you a quick overview of the information society and the developments of e-services in Estonia.

  • Download the e-Estonia Guide

Enter e-Estonia Brochure

Be amazed by the most advanced digital society in the world.

  • Download the Enter e-Estonia Brochure

Estonian Business at a Glance Video

No goal is unachievable in Estonia. This video will tell you why.

  • Download the Estonian Business at a Glance Video

Estonia´s Just Transition Fund video

  • Download the Estonia´s Just Transition Fund video

Expanding Industrial Horizons Video

Expand your industrial horizon in Estonia!

  • Download the Expanding Industrial Horizons video

Naturally IT Video

Get ready to tune in to the society that is naturally IT!

  • Download the Naturally IT Video

Defence Demo Day video

  • Download Defence Demo Day video

How Invest Estonia Can Help You Video

Estonian Investment Agency offers comprehensive, one-stop investment consultancy services, free of charge, which are always tailored to meet potential and existing investors’ precise needs.

  • Download the Introduction to Estonian Investment Agency video

Virtual Business Visits Video

Estonian Investment Agency organizes visits for potential completely online if needed. An introduction to the Virtual Business Visits.

  • Download Virtual Business Visits video

What is the ComparEST tool?

Our unique location attractiveness comparison tool lets potential investors compare Estonia's investment attractiveness to that of other European countries.

  • Download the ComparEST video

100 seconds in a 100 degree sauna with Estonia's investment advisors

For Estonians, the most truthful conversations happen in the sauna. We may seem a bit reserved at first, but the sauna is where we truly open up and understand each other. It’s our oldest social network (perhaps still the best one) and the perfect place to talk business ...

  • Download 100 sec in 100 degree sauna video

News & events

Need more information?

Need more information?

What is it like to run a business in Estonia? How to benefit from the e-solutions and the efficiency of our business culture? What are the opportunities in specific sectors? Who to partner up with?

The Estonian Investment Agency’s team is happy to help you via its complimentary e-Consulting service, organize online or offline follow-up events such as virtual investment visits and guide you through the fairly simple process of investing in Estonia.

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