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Past event: Unicorn59 – demo-minutes powered by Estonia

Estonia has a startup scene that is as vibrant as ever. Economic freedom, entrepreneurial activity and a close-knit startup community make Estonia the ultimate champion in founding billion-dollar startups. Come on board and allow us to introduce you some of the exciting Estonian startups at Unicorn59 - demo-minutes powered by Estonia.

Having the most unicorns per capita in Europe, Estonia has plenty of experience with spotting the next big thing. Do you wish to learn about the magic that has made Estonia into the leader in the startup world? All you need to do is tune in on June 17th, invest 59 minutes of your day and allow us to introduce you a handful of promising Estonian startups, across various sectors that are expected to take off in the near future.

The Estonian Investment Agency in close partnership with Latitude59 and Startup Estonia invite you to “Unicorn59 – demo-minutes powered by Estonia” where seven hand-picked startups are pitching their vision. At Unicorn59 you’ll meet Pactum, Fractory, Katana, Planet42 , Salv, Comodule and Xolo.

The programme includes a fireside chat with Maarja Pehk, the CEO of Latitude59 and Martin Villig, President of Estonian Founders Society and Co-Founder of Bolt, startup pitches and a short movie of how to spot a unicorn. All this in 59 minutes! Your host for the event is Louis Zezeran. 


4:00PM – 4:03 PM · Welcome to Unicorn59

Intro from the host Louis Zezeran and greetings from Estonia’s Prime Minister Kaja Kallas

4:03PM – 4.15PM · Fireside chat

Maarja Pehk, CEO of Latitude59 & Martin Villig, President of Estonian Founders Society & Co-Founder of Bolt

4:15PM–4:20PM · Demo and Q&A with Salv

Taavi Tamkivi, CEO & Founder of Salv

4:20PM–4:25PM · Demo and Q&A with Pactum

Kaspar Korjus, Co-Founder and CPO of Pactum

4:25PM–4:30PM · Demo and Q&A with Katana

Kristjan Vilosius, Co-Founder of Katana

4:30PM–4:33PM · Short doc: “How to spot a unicorn?”

Louis goes to look for unicorns in the Estonian forest

4:33PM–4:38PM · Demo and Q&A with Fractory

Martin Vares, CEO of Fractory

4:38PM–4:43PM · Demo and Q&A with Planet42

Eerik Oja, CEO & Co-founder and Marten Orgna, CFO & Co-Founder of Planet42

4:43PM–4:46PM · Short doc: “How to spot a unicorn 2.0?”

Louis continues his search for unicorns in the city

4:46PM–4:51PM · Demo and Q&A with Xolo

Allan Martinson, CEO of Xolo

4:51PM–4:56PM · Demo and Q&A with Comodule

Kristjan Maruste, CEO & Co-Founder of Comodule

4:56PM–4:59PM · Wrapping up Unicorn59

Final words from Louis Zezeran

Join us on June 17th at 4:00 PM (UTC/GMT +3 hours) to spot the next billion-dollar startup!

🔴 Register for Unicorn59 on Hopin here.


This event is funded by European Union European Regional Development Fund.

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