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A full 3D model of Estonia will be created, including buildings, structures located below the ground and even plants

Estonia will build a full 3D model of all the structures located both above and below the ground, making planning new structures and issuing construction permits easier and faster.

According to technology portal, the 3D model will include buildings, pipelines, cables and plants. The model can then be used by both, citizens looking for suitable real estate, and specialists, such as state and municipal officials or real estate developers.

The project is led by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications whose Head of Digital Construction, Jaan Saar said in the radio show Digitund that globally, the Construction sector is lagging behind others: “We have the internet, we have computers in our pockets and satellites in space but we are still building like we did a hundred years ago.”

The plan to create a 3D model of Estonia is the first big step to bring construction to the 21st century. According to Saar, Estonia actually already has most of the data needed but it is distributed between different governmental and municipal institutions. In addition, the data is not stored in 3D but as 2-dimensional drawings or tables consisting of numbers.

“Bringing that data to 3D format and connecting it to metadata will cost us less than a million euros for the whole of the country,” Saar said. “We are planning to unveil the model covering the whole country by the beginning of year 2021.”

A test area – a digital twin of the area including a part of Tallinn (Lasnamäe and Kadriorg) is already available, including Enterprise Estonia’s / Estonian Investment Agency’s building at Lasnamäe 2.

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Need more information?

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