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Sole proprietor (FIE)

A sole proprietor (FIE) is a form of business that is best suited to those who are going into business alone or with their family.

The advantages:

  • No minimum capital requirement
  • Registration is simple
  • Sole proprietors are not required to have articles of association

For registering as a sole proprietor, you must only submit an application. The requirement is the existence of a bank account suitable for business activity.

It is possible to become FIE:

Electronically, using an ID card or e-Residency card:

or through notary:

  • Have a look at the list of notaries in Estonia here.

Registering electronically takes a few hours in best case, registering through a notary will take 2-3 days.

The costs:

  • A state fee of 13 euros
  • If using the services of a notary, notary fees apply: 12.75 euros for notarizing the authenticity of a signature, 18.20 euros for preparing a draft application

If the annual turnover exceeds 40,000 euros, one will have to register as a VAT payer with the Tax and Customs Board.

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