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Defence59 presents DefSecIntel: AI-powered border surveillance and battlefield intelligence platform

Estonian DefenceTech startup DefSecIntel is developing AI-powered border surveillance and combat intelligence platform showing security professionals what they need to see through mobile solutions.

State borders are only as good as the agreement to respect their existence. As we know, not everyone respects the boundaries of free nations — whether that’s foreign governments, like Russia invading Ukraine, or individuals crossing borders unlawfully for various reasons. That’s why border security is pivotal — not only for pinpointing threats but also monitoring activity in any area of importance.

After reestablishing its independence in 1991, the protection of Estonia’s independence has been an integral part of the country’s development. Today, Estonia is a global collaboration hub for academia, industry, government, and military. Its commitment to defence and innovation in security make Estonia a leader in cyber defence and AI/robot law.

Border security and patrol aren’t new phenomena — the Great Wall of China wasn’t built as a tourist attraction. However, even this world marvel can’t compete with modern-day technology. Intrusions can happen over the land and sea, and as a result, governments are investing significantly in protecting and monitoring their territories. Estonian DefenceTech startup DefSecIntel is already operating in four countries.

Surveillance where it’s needed, people where they need to be

The scales of country borders and areas of interest are large, and the technology in use is complicated. However, the reality is that having tools instead of people doing the tedious work of surveillance and monitoring is much more effective and efficient. Instead of attempting to do the impossible task of being everywhere at once, specially trained personnel can be deployed to areas or situations that need them.

DefSecIntel is a Tallinn-based company creating AI-powered surveillance solutions with multiple applications. The team of 30 provides security and surveillance systems to clients in over 25 countries. The result is a unique combat-tested track record of their pillar SurveilSPIRE product.

DefSecIntel’s products provide long-range surveillance, effectively doing the impossible. Their soon-to-be patented physical surveillance structure is a mobile unit that can be used on various terrains. Once in place, it’s a fully autonomous system with integrated AI detection software. In addition, a built-in energy source ensures the continuous execution of automated operations. The company has tested the unit’s capabilities in a variety of weather conditions — including some of Estonia’s harshest winter spells.

While the platform itself operates from a designated location, it houses an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). These capable and fast drones provide additional inspections and surveillance. In addition, vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capabilities and automated, precise landing provide utility in even the most space-restricted positions.

With a monitoring system that covers some serious distances, SurveilSPIRE frees people to do the hard work of decision-making. DefSecIntel’s AI-supported command centre quickly aggregates gathered data from surveillance units, putting actionable information into the right person’s hands.

DefSecIntel’s solutions are already empowering organisations and government entities to provide more reliable and less human-intensive surveillance to their borders and other high-security areas. The application goes beyond the security of statehood and highly sensitive areas. Monitoring can apply to natural resources — providing protection for environments and preserving natural habitats.

See DefSecIntel’s pitch at Defence59 here:

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With a proven solution from a team of experts in their respective fields, DefSecIntel is cash flow positive and looking for strategic partners to expand production to meet high market demand.

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