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Estonian Skeleton Technologies unleashes Leipzig Superfactory thanks to international cooperation

Estonian cleantech leader, Skeleton Technologies, has unveiled its Leipzig Superfactory — a cutting-edge collaborative effort between Estonia, Japan, and Germany.

Estonian CleanTech leader, Skeleton Technologies, is set to accelerate its global expansion and the mass production of SuperBattery, as it unveiled Leipzig Superfactory on September 27. The event marked not only the birth of a state-of-the-art high-tech facility but also celebrated Estonian, Japanese, and German excellence united under one project.

Skeleton Technologies specialises in the production of supercapacitors, also known as electric double-layer capacitors (EDLC). These advanced energy storage devices offer many advantages over traditional batteries, including rapid charging and discharging capabilities at high currents, a long service life of up to one million cycles, and exceptional safety features.


Skeleton Technologies is currently gearing up for mass production of the SuperBattery. Germany, where Skeleton Technologies has steadily built a strong presence since 2017, plays a pivotal role. Besides being EU’s biggest economy, it’s also committing huge resources for green transition across various sectors, including automotive, logistics and more. Built on a long-standing tradition of cooperation, Estonian-made technologies are now scaling there.

The Leipzig Superfactory, situated in the picturesque town of Markranstädt in Saxony, will help the company to increase its production capacity by up to 40 times and provide employment opportunities for up to 240 individuals. Automated and digitalised mass production will commence by the end of 2024, marking a significant leap forward in cleantech manufacturing capabilities.

Worldwide cooperation

The company has raised over €200M, gearing funds from numerous private investors, German government, the state of Saxony and Japanese conglomerate Marubeni. The latter first invested in Skeleton in March 2021, buying close to 1% of the company and in June 2023, Marubeni contributed additional funding to Skeleton Technologies.

This fruitful cooperation was honoured once more at the opening event. An investment agreement was signed, reaffirming the commitment of both companies to finance the completion of the Leipzig factory and to expand the sales of energy storage products produced at the facility in Asian markets.

Dai Sakakura and Taavi Madiberk signing the investment agreement

The demand is already there. The global interest in Skeleton’s innovative products extends to various sectors, including grid energy storage, electric vehicles, battery railcars, and electric ships. Notable clients include industry giants such as Shell, Siemens, and General Electric. For instance, Skeleton is collaborating with Shell to develop a heavy-duty electric mining truck, aligning with efforts to electrify mine transportation fully.

Tiit Riisalo, Minister of Economic Affairs and Information Technology

The inauguration of the Leipzig Superfactory was graced by a stellar cast of dignitaries, including Terumasa Watanabe, the CEO of Marubeni International; Dai Sakakura, Senior Operating Officer at Next Generation Business Development Division of Marubeni Corporation; Tiit Riisalo, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Information Technology of Estonia; Nadine Stitterich, the Mayor of Markranstädt; Sebastian Gemkow, the Minister of Science and Member of Parliament of Saxony; and His Excellency Ambassador Hidenao Yanagi, representing the Embassy of Japan in Berlin.

As Europe and the whole world look towards a future increasingly defined by the need for sustainable energy solutions, Skeleton Technologies is now well-positioned to meet the growing demand.

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