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ETS NORD creates high-quality indoor air with its state-of-the-art ventilation systems

Want to enjoy Nordic food with a twist of Estonia? The Estonian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai offers the freshest seasonal produce available. But besides the highest quality food, a unique feature of the pavilion’s kitchen is its state-of-the-art, sustainable ventilation system built by ETS NORD, a specialist in the field.

Founded in Estonia back in 1998, ETS NORD operates mainly in Nordic countries but is planning to expand its business into the Arabic market, beginning with the United Arab Emirates.

When speaking of ventilation, we can’t ignore the elephant in the room – a pandemic that affected everyone on the planet. Although many have suffered, certainly innovators in ventilation have come to the forefront. And Urmas Hiie, the founder and co-owner of ETS NORD, says that high quality indoor air should always be on everyone’s minds because viruses and other airborne particles are so fine that human-beings are always at risk from them.

One of the solutions to detect the quality of air is a CO2 sensor, prominent in ETS NORD product range. Naturally the sale of the CO2 sensors has skyrocketed in the past year since, as Hiie says, any assessment of building ventilation systems is based upon the measurement of air quality with accurate sensors.

One of the latest products that ETS NORD is demonstrating at EXPO is a smart modular ventilation system aimed towards restaurants. Having been in the business of ventilation well over 20 years, Hiie knows that restaurants usually change-out their kitchens every five years or so and are in a constant process of improvement.

“For example, the kitchen that was built for the Estonian National Museum had one vision before the building process even started,” he explains. “That vision changed when the builders started to work on it, and it changed even more after the restaurant started to operate there.”

For that reason, a modular system that grows with the needs of the restaurant is a more sustainable and budget-friendly solution for ETS NORD and the client. Modularity allows customers to change-out the ventilation system by adding or removing component parts quickly and economically.

Estonia is strong not only in the ICT-sector

Hiie believes that EXPO is a way to show the world that Estonia is not only strong in the field of e-governance, technology startups, and the ICT-sector, but also in the manufacture of high quality commercial equipment. There are kitchens all over the world utilising ETS NORD’s modular system. Having signed NDA [non-disclosure] agreements, Hiie can’t reveal any famous names. He simply says they are used in some notable private kitchens.

Many ETS NORD’s clients are from the cooler climes of Scandinavia and chose to have a smart feature built into their ventilation that returns extracted air into the building via a heat exchanger, substantially saving on heating costs.

Hiie says he has yet to see competitors’ products which are comparable to their modular one. Besides the product itself, he is proud of the ordering mechanism ETS NORD offers to customers.

“We offer clients a way to configure the ventilation system in a 3D model with potential price and shipping dates already displayed. The ordering process is like a tip of the iceberg, which is mostly ignored, but is yet another advantage over our competitors,” Hiie notes.

Talking about the future of ventilation, he foresees that the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the way forward, allowing customers to control devices from a distance.

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