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FoodDocs makes AI work in the fine dining restaurants

Can you imagine that dishes in your favourite fine dining restaurant are made with the help of robots? Better get used to it! Today, Estonian startup FoodDocs is launching a food safety bot for restaurants. Chef de cuisine Herkki Ruubel, who has worked with world-famous chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, explains how the bot is helping restaurants offer safe food and even develop more delicious dishes.

“Food safety is elementary for fine dining restaurants,” said Herkki Ruubel, one of the most excellent chefs in Estonia, chef de cuisine at Ammende Villa Restaurant in Pärnu.

“Today’s focuses in this category of restaurants are the taste and the art of cooking – a personal touch that makes a visit to a restaurant a delicious and entertaining journey, offering uniqueness you will never experience again. And in that point, it is obvious, that every master chef is far more interested in creating and experimenting in the kitchen than doing dull paperwork behind food safety bureaucracy.”

Ruubel, who has previously worked with world-famous chefs, such as Gordon Ramsay and René Redzepi, believes that the food safety solution provided by FoodDocs is the way how restaurants could find time for developing their skills and making their staff happier, because no-one has to deal with things that robots can perfectly do on their own. The food will be safe, and all the restaurant visitors will be even more satisfied because they can be sure, that everything they eat is fresh and delicious.

According to Ruubel, fine-dining restaurants should consider using modern AI tools such as FoodDocs in order to stay competitive in cooking mastery in near future.

More than 5,000 users from 50 countries, including fine dining restaurants, have already seized this opportunity and joined FoodDocs app.

Food safety app

FoodDocs robot is a brand-new additional service for food handling companies already using FoodDocs app.

The FoodDocs app, released 1.5 years ago, ensures that food safety documents in the restaurants and other food handling companies are always compliant with the law and all the necessary requirements are maintained. The app is as easy to use as expected. It helps build a basic food safety system for restaurant by just letting a user fill in a questionnaire with 8 questions. All the required food safety actions and measurements will be quickly systemized, and the staff notified when the time arrives to do something.

Food safety robot

The FoodDocs chatbot is useful, for example, when the restaurant’s menu is being changed. You don’t have to start explaining to the bot, who you are and what you are doing. It already knows you and the only thing you need to do, is let it know, what is in your new menu, so that the bot can give you a plan on how to keep all your ingredients safe. The bot has both reading and talking skills, so you can decide for yourself, which way of communication suits you best.

According to Katrin Liivat, the founder and CEO of FoodDocs, their MVP chatbot will be learning constantly. Soon it will be also able to communicate in multiple languages.

FoodDocs keeps food safe

There are 5 million food companies in the EU, 10 million companies in the USA and China. For food-related companies, like retailers and restaurants, the process of staying on top of various food safety regulations and ensuring their compliance is cumbersome and bureaucratic. As a result, the companies struggle and do not have good compliance visibility.

“The bigger company you have, the bigger problem it is to put your employees to follow the food safety rules,” says Katrin Liivat. And FoodDocs is the tool that helps to follow the rules no matter how big the company is.

In May, FoodDocs was chosen as one of the TOP5 most promising Estonian startups in Online Startup Demo Day held by Estonian Investment Agency. Estonia is the country with the highest number of unicorns per capita in the world. Furthermore, there are more than 1,000 startups growing in the country with only 1,3M residents.

Read more about business and investing opportunities Estonia offers in the food industry here or send us an e-Consulting request to get more detailed information.

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