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Tallinn Construction School

Tallinn Constructions School is state-budget financed vocational study institution in Tallinn.

Tallinn Construction School (TCS), founded in 1947, is a state-budget financed vocational study institution in Tallinn, administered by Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.

Since 2002, the training has been carried out in the Estonian and Russian languages.

The studies at school are based on curricula corresponding to national professional standards in three spheres:

  • Construction: mason, construction finisher, carpenter, restorer-finisher, tiler
  • Energy and automation: electrician
  • Gardening: landscapeer

TCS has been the member of Estonian Association of Construction Enterpreneurs since 1995, Estonian Furniture Industry Association since 2001 and Estonian Association of Electrical Enterprises since 2004.

TCS is officially acknowledged as the Vocational Examination Centre in all three professional fields by vocational accrediting bodies.

The Department of Adult Training has been successfully functioning in TCS since 1993. In adult training activities the school has been collaborating with Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund and Estonian Ministry of Education and Research. TCS collaborates with other vocational training institutions, schools of general and higher education.

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Need more information?

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