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Saaremaa hoping to open a ferry route with Ventspils, Latvia

Saaremaa Municipal Government has decided to announce a procurement for finding an operator for the Mõntu-Ventspils ferry route that would connect Estonia's largest western island of Saaremaa directly to the Latvian coastal town of Ventspils to its southwest.

“After the procurement is conducted, the size of the necessary support will be determined, which both the Freeport of Ventspils and Saaremaa Municipality intend to shoulder,” Saaremaa Deputy Municipal Mayor Marili Niits told Saarte Hääl.

A route between Saaremaa and Ventspils was operated between 2005-2008 and it proved a popular one.

Mayor of the Saaremaa municipality Madis Kallas has previously said that there is a possibility that the route will be introduced next year. Locals remain hopeful, as the new connection would likely contribute to the island’s business in the summer season.

According to a viability study commissioned by local non-profit Saarte Koostöökogu, the connection would be socioeconomically viable, but will likely need state backing.

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