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TalTech and East Tallinn Central Hospital to use Virtual Reality to cure patients

TalTech and East Tallinn Central Hospital have started cooperation to start using virtual reality in rehabilitation of its patients.

“There is a room with a virtual reality environment set up: sensors, handheld devices and goggles. The patient is given a set of goals to complete and the performance is then measured to assess if a patient is healing,” Tauno Otto, a professor at the Engineering Department of Taltech told tech portal

The solution is aimed at patients with decreasing cognition, for example those gone through a stroke. Through excercises, they can again develop their motorics and cognitive abilities. The quicker the treatment starts after a stroke, the more effectively the brain is able to restore its functions.

In addition to TalTech, a technical university in Tallinn, and East Tallinn Central Hospital, the project includes Italian STIIMA-CNR institute as a partner. The Italians have developed a set of excercises the patients will go through.

The excercises include everyday tasks such as going to a shop and getting items in the shopping list from the virtual shelves and paying for the items.

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