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Top investment news from Estonia

Unique digital capabilities, outstanding innovations, competitive business environment combined with openness to cooperation at all levels make Estonia a smart, agile location for businesses with global ambitions. Here is the latest news about the Estonian business and investment environment.

Estonians are frontrunners when it comes to self-driving vehicles. There are several companies and groups of scientists in Estonia constantly coming up with innovative solutions. Milrem Robotics and Auve Tech that made headlines in February 2020, are just some of them.

#1 Estonians invented a friendly war robot

Estonian company Milrem Robotics , together with scientists, has built a good-hearted war robot, that can turn into a mini-tank, firefighter or tree planter.

The company’s goal is to find out how an unmanned vehicle could move around on difficult terrain. Doesn’t matter if it’s a battlefield, a forest, a mountain, or a field – the goal remains the same. “Our robot is designed to save lives,” Milrem’s Science and Development Director, Mart Noorma proudly says.

It sounds like a lot to expect from one machine, but actually, the vehicle itself, is basically the same. Only the tools integrated onto it differ. For example, a water or a foam tank with a pump would be installed in the robot for helping firefighters or a plough for cultivating the soil.

#2 Auve Tech and the University of Tartu are developing a self-driving hydrogen car

If you want to peek into the future of traffic with environmentally friendly self-driving cars on the roads, then Estonia is the right place to do that. Tech company Auve Tech and the University of Tartu have begun developing a hydrogen-powered self-driving vehicle which is expected to be completed by mid-2021.

“Our next-generation fuel cells operate at significantly lower temperatures than previously available on the market. This ensures a significantly longer life for these devices, and they will also be several times safer,” academician Enn Lust, Director of the Institute of Chemistry at the University of Tartu, Professor of Physical Chemistry commented.

And cooperation is one of the keys to success we are working for here in Estonia: between science and business, between companies, between talents and countries around the world, as the following stories show.

#3 Estonia and Germany start cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence

Enterprise Estonia and Artificial Intelligence Center (ARIC) Hamburg signed a memorandum of cooperation to enhance collaboration between Estonian and German companies in the fields of AI, robots, smart cities and digitalization.

“By exchanging knowledge with digitally advantaged Estonia, and leading common projects together, we are creating high added value,” said Alois Krtil, CEO of ARIC Hamburg.

“I believe, there are a lot of opportunities for cooperation [with Estonia] for IT companies in Hamburg because many of the things we are actively talking about here, such as e-government, smart services and artificial intelligence, have already been implemented there,” Krtil added.

#4 James S. York builds bridges between Estonia and America

“Estonia is SiliconValley’s best kept secret unicorn hatchery,” says James S. York, Enterprise Estonia’s FDI and Export Manager in the U.S, is building economic bridges over the Atlantic.

“I often tell people here in the US that living in Estonia is like living 5 to 10 years in the future, and they are almost always surprised to hear that,” York notes.

“In Estonia, you can easily get spoiled by the ease with which every-thing operates. I know I did, having living there for almost four years. It wasn’t until I moved back to the US that I really understood and appreciated that even when things are ‘slow’ in Estonia, they are still moving at light speed compared to nearly anywhere else on the planet,” York adds.

#5 Cleveron and Itochu begin developing technology for last-mile delivery

Estonia is a world leader in the development and application of digital logistics. Now Estonian Cleveron and Japanese giant Itochu signed a memorandum to boost the cooperation in the last-mile delivery technologies.

The signing procedure took place in the presence of the Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the Estonian Prime Minister Jüri Ratas during the Estonia’s prime minister formal visit to Japan last month.

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