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10 Estonian startups that make the most of AI

From identifying internet tricksters to reimagining last-mile deliveries, these Estonian innovators harnessed the power of AI to make the world a better, smarter place.

Estonia has the most digital society and the most startups per capita globally. How is the omnipotent AI integrated into all this? From upcoming deliveries to fraud protection, Estonia’s AI-powered saga may surprise you in its variety, proving that in the New Nordics, innovation knows no bounds.


 Veriff founder and CEO Kaarel Kotkas

Could the digital anonymous life be as transparent as the real one? Veriff brings Internet frauds to the daylight. Offering a seamless and secure verification process, it ensures that individuals are who they claim to be, safeguarding businesses from fraud and identity theft. By combining advanced biometric checks, artificial intelligence, and machine learning algorithms, Veriff delivers reliable and accurate real-time identification results, trusted by global brands and organisations.

Starship Technologies


Starship Technologies is the global leader in autonomous last-mile delivery and has run 5 million successful deliveries using robots in Estonia. But that’s not all. Thanks to its world-leading AI-powered algorithms and hardware, it has expanded globally, covering the UK, the US, and more. By utilising AI, Starship Technologies has optimised delivery routes, improved efficiency, and provided a convenient and reliable service to customers. Estonians are already used to seeing cute robots roaming on the sidewalks, but with the global adoption of delivery apps and changing consumer behaviour, it surely is just the beginning.


 Pactum founding team: Kristjan Korjus, Martin Rand and Kaspar Korjus

Pactum focuses on streamlining contract negotiations for large corporations. Its innovative AI technology aims to make negotiation processes more efficient and positive, benefiting both companies and their vendors. Pactum’s AI takes into account the needs of both parties to facilitate compromises and agreements automatically. Notably, the company partnered with global brands like Walmart and Maersk rather than smaller local customers. But it doesn’t stop there. It plans to expand its accessibility and hopes to make its AI available to individuals worldwide, including in HR contexts for negotiations between employers and job seekers.

OCCO Digital

 OCCO founders Ander Sõõrumaa and Paul Veetõusme

In Estonia, artificial intelligence comes to your home, just not in a way you may predict. OCCO is an AI-based platform that streamlines interior design. Professionals save up to a third of their monthly working time by sourcing furniture through this revolutionary solution. With its user-friendly interface and a wide selection of top European design brands, OCCO is the ideal solution for creating perfect interiors in any given space.



DefSecIntel employs AI-powered surveillance to secure large properties or borders, freeing up significant manpower resources. Their systems are highly efficient at quickly and accurately identifying potential threats, no matter how minor – from illegal fires to deforestation. DefSecIntel’s technology has made Estonian borders some of the most technologically advanced in the world. With AI-powered oversight, you can ensure your safety is taken care of without letup.

R8 Technologies


The climate crisis needs no introductions nowadays. With Europe suffering from extreme heat and rising energy bills, Estonia has a solution. Estonian company R8 Technologies specialises in artificial intelligence-backed energy control software for buildings and delivers impressive results. Their technology can save up to 30% of energy for commercial properties and is already used in 15 countries, saving tons of unnecessary CO2 emissions. It’s an efficient and comfortable way to increase energy efficiency and maintain a perfect indoor climate without sacrificing comfort or productivity.


 Xolo founder Allan Martinson (on the right)

Xolo streamlines business operations with AI-powered accounting, also capitalising on a growing e-Residency community. Small and medium-sized companies can reduce paperwork in one place with the aid of machine learning and operate fully digitally in Estonia, in line with the country’s approach.



In the US, medical errors rank 3rd as the leading cause of death. Synbase assists clinicians in making accurate, timely decisions to help save lives. Their patient-centred treatment recommendations are informed by country-specific content and AI-supported translation tools. This service has earned numerous awards, including 2021’s “The Best Estonian Public Digital Solution”.



CyberCube delivers the world’s leading cyber risk analytics for the insurance industry. They offer an ecosystem of data, signals and models of cyber risk quantification. The startup was born from a billion-dollar corporation, Symantec, proving Estonia is a solid testbed for ambitious ideas and founders that are ready to take the risk.



Through pivots and iterations, ReadyPlayerMe has developed an AI-powered technology that can quickly turn 2D photos into realistic 3D avatars. In as little as five seconds, you can have a replica of yourself in any digital world, such as a video game or virtual reality. This is handy for the age of the metaverse and constant digital interaction — thousands of developers, brands, and creators are using Ready Player Me to deliver amazing virtual experiences to millions of users. Some of the most famous names include Adidas, Universal, Vogue and more. Supported by world-leading investors and with $56M raised in 2022, it now aims to become a go-t0 solution for your next digital endeavour.

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