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Past event: Latitude59 pitching competition pre-finals

Estonia’s buzzing startup scene is looking forward to this year’s Latitude59 to present new solutions and grab the attention of customers and investors.

This week, our partners Latitude59 and EstBAN, will present 50+ young startups pitching their solutions.

So, to find out, what’s new in Estonian startup world, tune in Invest Estonia’s Facebook Live every day at 3 pm (Estonian time).

Based on the applications, Latitude59 has divided the strongest teams into five different verticals:

Monday, 3 August –  FinTech and Property Tech

BidrentoPro Automated management software for the landlords and property managers to manage their long-term residential rentals

BitOfProperty is an investment platform, where you can buy & sell pieces in properties to earn monthly rental income

BruceBEM is a simple asset management system built for maximum collaboration for landlords and property servicers

Cursor Insight develops a motion-based authentication system to helps banks & e-merchants reduce friction in payments

Dwellet is developing apartments renting platform to help landlords find suitable tenants for long-term housing

Koduline 75% of real estate sellers interview only 1 agent. The 1st one is rarely the best one. Let brokers compete for your job

Montonio leverages open banking and transactional analysis in making consumer financing more seamless and transparent

ORDIN is a human-focused Facility Operating System that helps FM teams reduce stress and make tenants happy

R8tech takes your building technical management to the next generation

Vistalworks enables governments and enforcement agencies to protect online shoppers from the harm of illicit trade

Tuesday, 4 August – Services and Entertainment

Adact enables agencies to create online interactive marketing campaigns without writing a single line of code

Aligner is a translation platform with an intuitive workflow to solve the ever-growing localisation problem

ATOM Mobility All-in-one solution for shared mobility helping entrepreneurs to launch their own vehicle sharing platforms in 20 days

BOBU is an easy-to-use platform for publishers to create digital interactive books without a tech team or coding skills

iERP, developing simple to use software helping companies to increase revenue and decrease cost by using AI algorithms

Inkspired is a creative storytelling platform to read, write and published serial stories and book series

Introwise helps experts and creative professionals to move their business online

LookSize is a fit and sizing solution for online fashion retailers that helps find the right size with one click

Myspotit a platform that unites all the workspaces in the universe to get your work done anywhere you want with a single pass

Stereotheque is a marketplace network that connects creatives in media and entertainment to on-demand teams and pros.

Wednesday, 5 August – Health, Wellness & CleanTech

AC Biode has commercialized catalysts that carbonize organic waste mixed with plastic on-site and reduce GHG by 50% Create videos and online courses straight from your existing tools. Automatically convert from PowerPoint and more

Baltic Freya is developing fogponic modules to help greenhouse farmers fight root disease and resource inefficiency

Cogniora helps high-performers support their executive function by personalising nootropics (supplements for cognitive support)

Gelatex has invented a new nanofiber production method to enable safer, cheaper and faster bio-based nanofiber production

Hopa Fit  Bolt for fitness

ILOF  is enabling a new era of personalized medicine, by providing screening tools in an affordable, portable way

Irriot is a wireless IoT platform for automating precision irrigation. Use 50% less water, increase crop yield with 30%

Pagerr is reducing waste in printing houses by printing on leftover areas. Up to 4x cheaper print price & eco-friendly printing

PowerUP Energy develops next-generation hydrogen fuel cell-based electrical generator systems

Vigo is a digital therapeutic to help stroke patients and their families get access to rehabilitation at home 24/7

YuMuuv is a corporate physical activity challenges platform

Thursday, 6 August – Hardware & Medical

Airboard build’s industrial drones for crop spraying to help farmers reduce operational costs and use less pesticide

ZELTINI is developing amphibious e-tricycle camper to enable people to travel in unique and the most sustainable way

CUPLOOP is the go-to technology and service provider for business owners who wish to keep in line with EU plastic regulation

SkyCorp produces bespoke next-generation hydrogen drones opening up aerial mobility and the future drone economy

Car4Future provides charging sharing network and wireless smart charging hardware for energy transder vehicle to vehicle

10Lines is developing autonomous parking lot marking solutions

LightCode Photonics changes the way a robot looks at you!

TREMO a medical diagnostic tool helping doctors diagnose Parkinson’s disease and Essential tremor more accurately and faster

MUVi kills superbugs & decontaminates surfaces/air in healthcare and workplaces. Our IoT sensor tracks disinfections

FinnAdvance is growing human diseases in miniature chips, for discovering cure for rare and orphan disease

FertereX – patented at-home therapy device improving sperm quality and boosting testosterone level

Friday, 7 August  – Cyber Security & Data

Rapid Bio-Labs OÜ provides AI solutions for the medical research sector

Formaloo Customer Data Platform (CDP) collects, analyzes, and unifies data from data sources to grow customers’ loyalty

Reko Social is a software platform using data science to build a trusted influencer network

DataCalculus is the most automated data-analysis software globally helping companies to take data-driven actions easily

GuardIoT makes sure that Smart Cities are also Safe Cities

SmartSender is an omnichannel user engagement and retention automation platform with affordable pricing

Binary Analytics delivers consulting services to corporations via online platforms and gamified learning modules

Idyllum Labs is a human-friendly software platform that helps web developers find and fix website security issues

autom8 Faster Application Security Powered by Deep Learning

ClickLog AI-driven solutions for cargo handling automation

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