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April 29: Webinar: Opportunities and Challenges of AI in the Crisis

How can AI help us through this crisis? How did Estonia become the frontrunner in leading the digital way out of it? In April, the German and Estonian experts from public and private sector had the discussion, organized by ARIC, on how to hack the future and use AI to our advantage.

The current corona-pandemic does not only present a risk for human health, but also poses a long-term threat to the global economy and society. On April 29, the German-Estonian webinar Opportunities and Challenges of AI in the Crisis took place.

In February 2020, Estonia and Germany officially started their comprehensive cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence as Enterprise Estonia and Artificial Intelligence Center (ARIC) Hamburg signed a memorandum of understanding to enhance collaboration between Estonian and German companies in the fields of AI, robots, smart cities and digitalization.

In the light of the current crisis, ARIC is now organized a webinar called “AI and Crisis – Opportunities and Challenges of AI”, having German as well as Estonian experts on board, discussing about the challenges that global companies and business sectors face and about the particular roll of state institutions in such times.

One of the experts participated in the panel is Riina Leminsky, the Director of Enterprise Estonia’s Business Development in Germany, who talked about Estonia’s way of using digital technologies for the benefit of the citizens and the society in this state of emergency and how artificial intelligence can help overcome the crisis.

“I was often asked what if the internet stopped working, but never asked, what if the borders were closed,” said Riina Leminsky. “Estonia has the best model as a digital country for managing processes in times of (corona) crisis. We are tech-oriented, able to react fast and our open-mindedness provides a good basis for a collaboration between humans and AI. In this way, Estonia is ready to hack the crisis with the help of new technologies. We have the solutions and we are happy to share our experience,” Leiminsky added.

The topics, Leminsky covered in the webinar, were:

  • How did Estonia hack the crisis?
  • Which AI-solutions have already been implemented to fight the crisis?
  • What is the “kratt” strategy aka how is Estonia using artificial intelligence to bring its
    e-state to the next level?

Alois Krtil (ARIC) and Riina Leminsky (Enterprise Estonia) earlier in February

From German side, the panel included the following experts:

  • Adrian Fiedler (Lawyer and Advisor for Digital Strategies in City of Hamburg)
  • Dr. Bernd Schichold (Finance, Nexperia)
  • Dr. Nick Gehrke (Professor of Finance Management and Accounting at Nordakademie University of Applied Sciences / Data Scientist, Zapliance)
  • Alois Krtil (CEO, ARIC)

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