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Past event: Latitude59 live from Stockholm

Estonia as a digital Nordic nation, is powering a Latitude59 live from Stockholm to share the Nordic investors’ experiences on how investing in innovation can drive digital transformation. Invest Estonia is adding Nordic rocket fuel to Estonian startups.

Estonia undoubtedly has similarities with the rest of the Nordic region in history, language, culture, style, and cuisine. And it’s particularly relevant to highlight some of our Nordic characteristics to entrepreneurs. For example, Estonia is very stable and has a very high proficiency in English as a second language, and our design tends to be simple, functional and inspired by nature. Estonia is particularly affordable, resourceful, flexible, and retains strong links across Europe and beyond.

Live from Stockholm

As it is easier to go online instead of travelling today, Invest Estonia is happy to bring the Nordic experiences from Sweden digitally to the Latitude59 audience. Ericsson Ventures, Telia Ventures and EQT Ventures, the leading Nordic outriders of digital transformation to explore the future innovation, will be on live stage in Stockholm and to share their innovation knowledges with us.

Ericsson Ventures: Future growth areas and investment focus as corporate VC

Ericsson with a significant footprint including manufacturing, industry digitalisation and R&D in Estonia, is driving innovation and enabling new technologies globally. Since almost 10 years ago, Ericsson has established a corporate VC arm to invest in startups that have strategic relevance to its business. Listen to Vik Li, the Investment Director of Ericsson Ventures to introduce the outlook on future growth areas and investment focus as corporate VC.

Telia Ventures: Enterprise connectivity – the power of data

Ericsson together with Telia and Taltech university launched the first 5G pilot network in Estonia in 2018, enabling startups to develop and test new services and business models. Ebba Lilliehöök from Telia Ventures will discuss the power of data; how Telia as an enterprise but also startups can benefit from working more with data. In addition, startups will hear how they can draw benefits from Telia´s corporate VC expertise.

EQT Ventures: How an AI platform transforming VC and the investment decisions made by EQT Ventures

With 5,000+ startups being created daily, discovering “the next big thing” is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Not all startups are based in a tech hub, have the right connections or ‘buzz’ in hot publications.

This is why EQT Ventures developed Motherbrain – a proprietary AI platform built in-house by the team to help them make better investment decisions and find the next unicorns. Now, more than $100m has been invested in Motherbrain-sourced companies and a team of 20 are working full time on the technology. A start-up within a fund if you will!

Listen to Henrik Landgren, Analytics Partner at EQT Ventures and discover how EQT Ventures is disrupting how VCs operate, learn more about the most enigmatic member of our team and how your startup could end up on Motherbrain’s radar.

Investors & startups – follow the session in Tallinn or online! This session is powered by the Estonian Investment Agency. For more insights into the Swedish VC ecosystem reach out to Anna Öberg, Director of Business Development in Sweden.

Want to buy tickets to the Estonia’s largest tech conference Latitude59? You can buy your ticket here.

At the same time, our Online Investor Sauna on Latitude59 is warming up. You are welcome to step into our sauna’s waiting room here and find out all the naked truths about doing business in Estonia. See you at Latitude59 and our virtual investment sauna.

Estonian startups looking to raise capital – let us know!

The Estonian Investment Agency is on a mission to support the vibrant Estonian startups. Since COVID-19 currently limits travel from Sweden to Estonia we hereby invite you to get to know and interact with Swedish investors online at Latitude59. If you are looking to raise new capital in the near future and particularly interested in independent and corporate VC´s from Sweden, then please take the moment to show your interest and post your questions. Fill in this short form here and let’s find some rocket fuel for your startup!


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Need more information?

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