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Autumn 2023 issue of Life in Estonia invites to travel into GreenTech-powered future

The Autumn 2023 issue of Life in Estonia magazine shares a GreenTech-powered tale – one where innovations and nature grow in harmony.

As the world grapples with the pressing issues of climate change and environmental sustainability, Estonia emerges as a beacon of hope and innovation with ambitious goals and visible actions. “The economy should fit within the limits of nature; a smaller footprint is a competitive advantage,” says Kristen Michal, Minister of Climate of the Republic of Estonia.

The Autumn 2023 edition of Life in Estonia magazine is dedicated to the country’s unwavering commitment to a greener, more sustainable future across the public and private sectors. Estonia is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 70% by 2030 and becoming climate-neutral by 2050.

+ Estonia’s vision for 2030. Learn how Estonia is on a path to becoming the world’s greenest digital government, leveraging technology for a more environmentally friendly future.

+ GreenTech Week. Tallinn, the 2023 European Green Capital, takes centre stage as it showcases biodiversity, sustainability governance, and eco-innovation. In November, the city will buzz with a series of events and conferences dedicated to renewable energy, circular economy, smart city solutions, and sustainable transportation: Cleantech Forum Europe, Tallinn NEXPO, Smart Cities Convention, Green Governance Conference and Balanced Economy Forum.

+ Evolution in mobility. Discover how Estonian companies like Auve Tech, Clevon, Elmo, Starship, and Bolt are leading the way in developing innovative mobility services, from self-driving cars to delivery robots.

+ Energizing the traditional industries. Delve into Estonia’s EV charging networks powered by Enefit VOLT, Eleport, and Alexela and explore how it’s shaping the nation’s green transportation landscape.

+ Powering the future on land and sea. PowerUp Energy Technologies‘ groundbreaking efforts in hydrogen-powered solutions, including a collaboration with the ESA, are paving the way for a greener tomorrow. SRC Group‘s Methanol Superstorage technology is driving sustainability in the maritime industry, enabling existing commercial ships to play a pivotal role in decarbonisation.

+ Estonia is on the rise for VCs. Cross Ocean Ventures is an early-stage fund helping European startups expand into the U.S. market, with its operational hub in Estonia. The new 100-million-euro SmartCap Green Fund, financed by the European Union Next Generation EU Recovery and Resilience Facility funds, supports innovative Estonian GreenTech companies.

+ Drought-tolerant plants are the Estonian answer for climate change. Explore how the University of Tartu‘s scientists work on unique plants to address water scarcity issues.

+ You can also read about other exciting Estonian green companies, such as Gelatex, Fusebox, Arbonics, Timbeter, Fibenol, Horizon Pulp & Paper, follow the development of Narva’s iconic Neo Materials factory and learn about Greenergy Data Centres‘ energy-efficient and secure data centre.

+ Let’s not forget about the culture. Experience a fusion of international pop art icons and Estonian art stars in PoCo museum, delve into Kristjan Järvi’s innovative AI-infused projects, and savour Michelin-quality cuisine in the heart of Estonian bogs. And don’t skip the celebration of the sauna in Estonia, a UNESCO-recognized tradition, as we dive into the cultural significance of this soothing retreat.

This Autumn, Life in Estonia invites you to embark on an inspiring journey through Estonia’s green and digital transition, innovation, and unique cultural traditions.

Read the newest issue of Life in Estonia magazine here:

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