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Branch (filiaal)

Foreign companies can offer their goods or services by establishing a branch (filiaal in Estonian) that must be registered in the Estonian Commercial Register. As a branch is not a legal person, the company shall be liable for the obligations arising from the activities of the branch.

The company selects a director or directors for the branch to be established and authorizes these individuals to open the branch. Unless the residence of at least ½ of the directors of the branch is in Estonia, in EEA, or the Swiss Confederation, the foreign company shall designate an Estonian contact person.

The basis for registering the branch with the Commercial Register is the notarized application of the branch director. The following documents (translated into Estonian) must be appended to the application:

  • official certificate regarding the existence of the company in its country of location (extract from the Commercial Register or copy of the registration certificate)
  • consent or license for establishing the branch if required by legislation
  • letter of authorization certifying the authority of the branch director or copy of the resolution appointing the director
  • copy of the company’s articles or memorandum of association certified according to the laws of the country of location
  • contact details (telephone, fax)
  • notarized samples of the directors’ signatures

The branch will be entered into the Commercial Register within 5 business days from the submission of the registration application.

Notarizing one signature costs 12.75 euros (excl. VAT), having a notary prepare the draft registration application additional 18.20 euros (excl. VAT) will incur. Registration of the branch with the Commercial Register costs 145 euros; changing data costs 18 euros and deletion from the Commercial Register is free of charge.

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