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Defence59 presents SensusQ, an intelligence-gathering solution changing how data becomes knowledge

At next week’s Defence59 event: Estonian DefenceTech company SensusQ, a startup creating software that fundamentally changes how the defence industry turns data into actionable knowledge.

In a data-saturated world, a major problem facing decision-makers is an abundance of information combined with a lack of actual knowledge.

Although the defence industry has been a leader in technological innovation in the past, it has struggled to keep up with the pace of digitalization, says SensusQ CEO and co-founder Marko Kaseleht. Decisions need to be made quickly, while much of the crucial knowledge is stored in silos and lost among mountains of unstructured data. Approximately 80% of available data, in fact, is unstructured. Processing it all is complicated and ineffective, which makes analysing and extracting valuable insight time-consuming.

People in high-pressure scenarios and environments, especially in combat situations, however, lack the luxury of weeks or even days to spend on such analysis. This often results in delayed or ill-informed decisions at the worst possible times.

Presenting their product at this year’s Defence59 event, SensusQ is an Estonian DefenceTech company providing a solution that helps transform information into knowledge with the help of automation, integration, and interoperability.

Veteran-founded, with a combined 140 years of experience in defence, SensusQ creates software that fundamentally changes how the defence industry turns data into actionable knowledge.

Marko Kaseleht, co-founder and CEO of SensusQ

Estonia as a burgeoning global DefenceTech hub

It’s perhaps no surprise that a solution like this would be born in Estonia, of all places. As a hub for collaboration between academia, industry, and government, Estonia has long been a breeding ground for forward-thinking technological solutions. And over the past year, the war in Ukraine has strengthened Estonia’s resolve to draw DefenceTech into the spotlight and create new industry-defining solutions that help create a safer world.

According to Marko Kaseleht, SensusQ is poised to lead the charge in bringing a new wave of digital transformation into the defence space.

Giving organisations control over their data

Kaseleht, a veteran of six combat tours, started SensusQ driven by the personal pain of experiencing the consequences of missing critical information in pivotal moments. In short, the SensusQ founding team set out to build the tool they wish they’d had access to in the field.

Today, SensusQ’s Verdandi mobile app turns every boot on the ground into a sensor. That, in addition to other integrated sources, feeds into the intelligence management system. Events are mapped, connections formed, and decisions made. Commanders benefit from increased situational understanding for decision-making and analyst specialists from optimised data handling and analytics, while troops get a simple reporting toolset and access to information most relevant to them.

Designed to save time and lives, SensusQ has already been working with some of the world’s largest defence companies, as well as NATO armed forces.

But the application of this technology is not limited to defence and law enforcement. The solution is designed to be easy to use and scaleable, making it accessible to organisations of any size. Organisations working in high-risk environments, from compliance and fraud to cyber security and risk management, can use SensusQ’s technology to deliver more consistent, data-driven results.

See SensusQ’s pitch at Defence59:

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