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Estonian ed-tech startup Clanbeat raises 1 MEUR to fuel expansion

#EducationNation means, that education is widely valued in Estonia - not only by the state but also by the active startup sector. Estonian ed-tech startup Clanbeat develops a platform assisting the growth of people as self-driven learners and got 1 MEUR funding to expand to new markets.

A world with increasingly complex challenges that need to be solved requires us all to raise our learning skills like never before. Most contemporary education systems have established their goals around self-driven learners. Clanbeat is developing a holistic software that supports students and adults in mastering driving their own learning and being a well balanced human being along that journey.

“By data analysis and predictions behind learning model we are able to accelerate personal growth and help to overcome the obstacles life brings to a learner’s journey,“ explained Kadri Tuisk, Founder and CEO of Clanbeat.

By helping to design a humane employee experience through increasing engagement and cooperation, supporting HR processes from onboarding to growth and helping to reach better results through leadership that is focused on individual and collegial growth.

Clanbeat has set its focus to reimagine how technology can assist students in mastering their skills as self-driven learners. Inspired by the potential of supporting people in an age where they are most able to develop efficient learning practices, Clanbeat is focusing on this challenge. Building on its first successful pilots and a co-creative process with student, teacher and school leadership partners, the startup’s goal is to launch an upgrade to Clanbeat platform in spring 2020 and take a grand leap in offering our solution to many more schools around the world.

The investors behind Clanbeat are Mistletoe Inc founder and lead investor Taizo Son, Pipedrive co-founders Martin Henk and Ragnar Sass, and Kathleen Naglee, the Head of School at International School of Helsinki.

Clanbeat Education was founded in 2018 by Kadri Tuisk with partners: Tiina Pauklin, Christjan Schumann and Triin Noorkõiv. Currently, Clanbeat has a team of 7. Located in Tallinn, Estonia. Client base in Northern Europe and SE Asia.

According to the latest PISA tests results, Estonia’s basic education is among the strongest in the world and the absolute best in Europe.

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