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Estonian Wundamental launches AI-powered analytics to demystify coaching

A spin-off of Estonian EdTech company Clanbeat, Wundamental has launched an AI-powered coaching service aiming to improve business coaching with advanced AI analytics.

Wundamental is founded by Kadri Tuisk and Christjan Schumann as a spin-off of EdTech company Clanbeat, which previously raised €1,8 million in seed financing. The round was led by Mistletoe and prominent Estonian angel investors, including Pipedrive co-founders Ragnar Sass and Martin Henk, and former Estonian president Toomas Hendrik Ilves.

Wundamental’s newly launched AI-powered coaching service includes features like one-on-one sessions by the company’s network of executive coaches. But that’s not the secret sauce – it also enables coaches to add Wundamental’s AI analytics to their existing coaching sessions. This helps uncover hidden patterns and opportunities for the strongest results while allowing coaches to improve the quality of their work.

The quality of coaching is something that Wundamental takes very seriously – in addition to being experienced tech founders, both Tuisk and Schumann are executive coaches themselves. In fact, 100% of Wundamental, including the tech team, are leadership coaches. The product was created in close collaboration with top business coaches, neuroscientists, AI experts, and Estonian technology companies like Veriff, Scoro, Inbank, and Messente.

“We strongly believe in the value of high-quality one-on-one human connection in coaching,” says Kadri Tuisk, founder and CEO. “However, due to the intangible nature and subjectiveness of coaching, a significant part of its potential remains unrealised. We see a lot of inefficiency and time lost. Wundamental’s AI technology helps bridge this gap by offering precise, science-based analysis to maximise the impact of each coaching session.”

“Coaching has an aura of mystique around it for a reason, because among focusing on goals, it touches things that are deeply personal,” says Christjan Schumann, co-founder and Head of Technology. Thanks to advancements in technology, however, Wundamental is able to remove some of the mystery by providing pattern recognition, deep personalisation, and dedicated support through AI analysis that’s fully anonymous. End-to-end encryption and anonymisation enable the company to analyse complex patterns without compromising personal data.

And that new ability to look past some of the more intangible elements, ultimately, is what leads to results. “Wundamental helps my leadership team make smart, fast decisions,” says Uku Tomikas, CEO of Messente. “The AI insights reveal roadblocks and opportunities, enabling us to act more proactively and with the highest efficiency.”

Digitally advanced, with some of the best education in the world, Estonia is a great place for anyone looking to invest in AI and/or EdTech. Get in touch with our brilliant investment consultants and let’s find you the best investment opportunity.

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