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Estonia’s Skeleton Technologies invests €220M to build a fully automated factory in partnership with Siemens

Estonia’s energy storage company Skeleton Technologies invests 220 million euros to build the world’s largest and fully automated supercapacitor factory in Germany in partnership with Siemens.

A new fully automated factory

One of the Estonian future unicorns, Skeleton Technologies announced the building of a fully automated, digitalised manufacturing plant in the Leipzig area, Germany, to lower the production costs by almost 90% in 5 years.

The next-generation supercapacitor cell factory is scheduled to start production in 2024 and produce up to 12 million cells a year, which is 40 times more than Skeleton’s first factory in Saxony, Germany that will continue as an R&D factory in the future. From the total investment of 220 million euros, €100M will be invested in manufacturing equipment in the Leipzig area and €120M for scale-up and R&D.

 Skeleton’s second factory

Partnership with Siemens

Furthermore, Skeleton has started a technology partnership with the European largest industrial manufacturing company Siemens. The aim of the partnership is the digitisation of Skeleton’s entire value chain and scale up the production of next-generation supercapacitors. Siemens supports with its comprehensive Digital Enterprise portfolio as well as domain know-how in industrial battery cell production.

According to Guido Feind, Head of Siemens Digital Industries Germany, Skeleton’s new highly efficient, fully automated production line will be unique in the world.

Siemens is already using Skeleton’s supercapacitors for their high-power energy storage, now the two companies are planning to further expand their business ties.

“With our supercapacitors with the highest power density in the industry, we see great potential for further cooperation with Siemens, especially in the areas of mobility, grid stability and heavy-duty applications,” notes Skeleton’s co-founder and CEO Taavi Madiberk.

Green energy for Europe

Skeleton and Siemens both believe that the global economy is undergoing structural changes in some of the largest CO2 emission sources such as power generation, transport, and industry. Supercapacitors are a key element in drastically reducing emissions in these sectors.

“Electrification and decarbonisation require key enabling technologies and supercapacitors are one of them,” says German Parliamentary State Secretary Michael Kellner. “Skeleton’s use of their own patented “curved graphene” material strengthens the European energy storage ecosystem and value chain,” Kellner adds.

“In the field of energy storage and saving, technology and innovation play a crucial role in enabling the global economy to achieve climate goals,” says Madiberk.

Supercapacitors in real life

Founded in 2009, Skeleton’s supercapacitors are used in transport, grid, industrial, and automotive applications and allow to reduce CO2 emissions and save energy. With the use of patented “curved graphene” material, Skeleton’s supercapacitors offer the highest power and energy density on the market, almost instant charging and discharging, high reliability, and very long lifetimes. The “curved graphene” material represents the biggest technological advancement in the industry in the last 20 years, giving Skeleton products an unparalleled advantage in power and energy density.

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