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EU Startups: Estonian startups to keep an eye on in 2024

EU Startups selects fast-growing Estonian companies to keep a close eye on this year. From carbon-neutral forestry to satellite data usage, Estonian ecosystem is rich with disrupting ideas of all kinds.

Located in the Northern Europe, Estonia is hot with novel ideas. Local innovations grow and flourish, as the country holds top spots in startup creation and unicorns per capita. In 2024, its rising startup starts are spread among various industries, from Gaming to GreenTech, and all in between. To learn more, here is a list of startups to watch this year, according to EU Startups.



Founded in 2022, Arbonics is a tech-based carbon and ecosystem platform that assists landowners in creating income through afforestation and sustainable forestry, facilitating the sale of nature-based carbon credits to investors. Since the start, they have raised €7.3 million emphasising the ecological value of forests in carbon sequestration and biodiversity.


Established in 2021, Ecobase is engaged in developing European forestry carbon projects, aiming to restore the significantly reduced forest areas in Europe. Their mission is to foster positive environmental change by linking environmentally conscious forest landowners with carbon credit buyers, thereby facilitating the trade of carbon credits. So far, they have raised €5.55 million in funding.

IQ Labs

Founded in 2021 in Tallinn, IQ Labs revolutionises the digital asset market with its decentralized money market, backed by €12M in funding. The company offers an innovative platform for renting blockchain-based digital assets, targeting game studios, developers, and NFT communities. They also offer a marketplace for transactions and advanced tools for integration and data analytics.



Established in 2021, Koos is a platform that enhances business growth for startups and medium-sized companies by building a community of contributors who are rewarded with virtual shares for meaningful actions. It democratises the benefits of business success, extending them beyond founders and investors to include early users and product testers. So far, they have raised €4.2 million in funding.

RAIKU Packaging


Established in 2021, RAIKU Packaging produces 100% compostable packaging with a unique spring structure design that provides exceptional protection and shock absorption. Having received funding of over €9.9 million, their products are entirely natural, contributing positively to the circular economy by becoming nutrients for the soil after use.

Salto X

Founded in 2021, SaltoX is a stock option management platform designed to enhance the effectiveness of stock option programs for startups and growing businesses. It offers educational and engagement features to help companies and their employees better understand and manage stock options. They have raised €5.2M in funding, simplifying equity management.

Sisu Group

Established in 2022, specializes in building innovative iGaming platforms that are 100% cloud-based and scalable across regions and multiple brands. Having raised €14M, they focus on data-driven development and own significant portions of the value chain, integrating Business Intelligence and Customer Relationship Management to tailor their offerings.

Stargate Hydrogen Solutions

Backed by €10.7M, Stargate Hydrogen Solution specializes in developing innovative green hydrogen solutions, focusing on next-generation alkaline electrolysers and stacks for hydrogen production. Since its foundation in 2021, Its mission has been to accelerate the global transition to a zero-carbon economy by providing reliable and profitable green hydrogen technologies.



Founded in 2022, Value.Space leverages satellite data to conduct assessments for commercial properties and infrastructure on a global scale. Utilising InSAR technology, artificial intelligence for pattern recognition, predictive analytics, and satellite imagery, they generate infrastructure monitoring reports. Having raised €2.1 million, they focus on improving risk assessment, detecting deformations, and preventing disasters for commercial assets and critical infrastructure.

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