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Inission introduces artificial intelligence-based manufacturing in Estonia

Inission, a global leader in electronics manufacturing, celebrates 15 years in Estonia with a major investment in new equipment, including a one-of-a-kind robotics work centre.

Celebrating its 15th year of operation in Estonia, Inission — a global leader in electronics manufacturing and management — is ready with a big announcement. Inission Tallinn has more than doubled its sales and turnover in the last two years, with Estonian factories exporting to European, Asian and US markets. Now it’s time for an ever stronger boost.

At Friday’s inauguration event at the Lade Mechanical Plant, the company unveiled a major upgrade to its operation capabilities — €2M worth of new equipment, including a robotics work centre unique for Estonia and the region.

Inission Tallinn OÜ is part of the Nasdaq Stockholm listed Inission AB group, which has nine factories in Sweden, Finland and Estonia. The company’s Estonian factories are located in Tallinn and Lagedi, employing over 180 people. The Tallinn plant manufactures electronics and electromechanics — printed circuit boards, equipment components as well as larger complete electronics solutions. The mechanical plant in Lagedi produces complex and high-precision thin sheet metal products.


New era of manufacturing

According to Nadezhda Dementyeva, Inission Tallinn’s manager, the company now focuses on automation, robotisation and digitalisation of production. “The major investment will increase the production capacity of the Lágedi plant, which is engaged in sheet metal processing, and significantly expand our product portfolio. The new Amada and LVD equipment represent the latest in industrial technology and are part of the smart industry concept,” said Dementjeva.

One of the new machines is the Amada Combilaser with automatic carousel work table, the first of its kind in the Baltics. This machine is equipped with an automatic carousel work table and punch-changing robotic arms that manage a tool store with over 400 tools. And it’s AI powered — the unique bending robot and robotic machining centre use artificial intelligence. The full list of expected

Estonian factories, employing a fifth of the group’s total workforce, are a big part of Inission’s plans, says Fredrik Berghel, owner and CEO of Inission AB. “Inission’s focus is on smart industry, and the investments in Estonia support this objective. Technological innovations are contributing to a sustainable digital transformation, while also reducing the carbon footprint. For us, it was important to invest not only in new machines but also in the future competences of today’s employees through retraining,” said Berghel.


Steadfast support

At the inauguration of the new production equipment, Kati Kusmin, chairwoman of the board of the Enterprise Estonia (EAS), said that Inission’s investment shows the way forward and sets an example for all industrial companies. Inission Tallinn is the recipient of a €1.2 million EAS Large Investor Grant for 2024. The total cost of the project is €8.3 million, which Inission will invest in the construction of a new building and further upgrading of the machinery in both the electronics and mechanical engineering plants in the coming years.

“Digitalisation, automation and innovation are not passing trends. Inisson’s machining plant with its fully automated production equipment is a concrete example of how to improve the competitiveness of our industrial sector and increase added value, and is thus a good example for many companies. In addition, Sweden has historically been one of our most important trading partners and this investment confirms that close cooperation will continue in the future,” she added

Andri Haran, CEO of the Estonian Engineering Federation (EML), said that Estonian industry is undergoing a structural change, with companies seeking to move towards higher value-added products and services. “Manufacturing companies need to continue to be competitive in export markets by offering high quality, good security of supply and flexibility. Investing in development, both in terms of products and services and processes, is the basis for staying competitive,” Haran added.

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