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Invest Estonia awarded as the best content marketer of the year

Invest Estonia’s campaign “Naked truth about doing business in Estonia” won the Content Marketing Award at Digital Marketing 2020 competition organized by Best Marketing.

The “Naked truth” campaign was created for this year’s hybrid Latitude59 tech-event, held at the end of August. The main aim of the campaign was to attract the attention of business people and potential investors using digital means, in order to introduce Estonia’s business environment and its investment advantages, creating new leads via our easy-to-use and free e-Consulting service.

The campaign introduced the business opportunities Estonia has to offer by telling only the naked truths. The sauna was used as an important element in the campaign as it is a strong part of Estonian culture (including business culture) – and it also refers to a place (and mindset), where there it is impossible to hide anything.

Invest Estonia encouragesd everyone to adopt the sauna state of mind. “Let’s cut through the hype, call out b***s***, and open up about taboo subjects. Let’s take time to listen to each other’s experiences and perspectives. By doing these things, let’s uncover the naked truth about startups, technology, investing, and doing business — both in Estonia and around the world,” stands on the campaign landing page.

Invest Estonia is marketing and selling one of the Estonia’s most “expensive” (but potentially also most profitable) services. This trust-based service – giving advice to land foreign investments in Estonia – though, free of charge, often involves large capital investments; in most cases in sums of €250K+.

“Our target group is probably one of the most desirable and digitally targeted in the world, and that’s what makes our work both challenging and exciting,” says Kata Varblane, Deputy Director of Marketing and International Relations at Invest Estonia.

As a result of a one-month digital campaign, 2.2 million investors and business people were reached, and 82 new online investment leads created, which, relying on historic data, may mean up to 21 million euros of extra foreign investments to Estonia in the coming years.

Wish to do business in Estonia? Just jump into the investment sauna with us and get started.

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Need more information?

Need more information?

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