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Milrem is testing a new robot to save lives in places where humans cannot go

Milrem is testing a new robot in cooperation with Estonia’s rescue services. The robot can be used to save lives in places where it is difficult for human rescuers to go or where large fire trucks cannot reach, such as difficult terrain that is burning.

This far Milrem has developed necessary solutions for the defence forces. The new robot is the first solution that Milrem has created for rescue services, ERR reported.

The remote controlled and in the future – fully autonomous – vehicle can enter burning buildings even if there is a danger of them collapsing. It can also be operated in marshes, for example, where a human rescue worker would be in danger of drowning. “There are many possible situations where it is possible to save human lives and at the same time avoid putting rescuers in danger,” the sience and development lead of Milrem, Mart Noorma commented. “Our autonomous vehicle design is unique and we have had a lot of attention from large international corporations.”

Martin Lambing, the Head of the Rescue Work Department of Estonia’s Rescue Board, added that while the idea and experience of building autonomous vehicles comes from Milrem, the board is offering its experience in the specific field of rescue work.

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