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Mobile voting may become a reality in Estonia already in 2021

Estonia's Information System Authority reported in its yearbook that it is hoping to make voting via mobile devices or 'm-voting' available to the public already in 2021 and start providing a state authorisation service that will enable people to share their data with third parties, such as private companies, in a secure way.

Information System Authority that takes care of the technical and cyber security side of internet voting in Estonia, reported in its yearbook that it is hoping to implement mobile voting or “m-voting” already in 2021. In case, the authority can be sure of the technology used being completely secure, m-voting can be used at the local elections of 2021, making Estonia a front-runner in this field.

In addition, Information System Authority is planning to implement a national authorisation service that will enable people to share the data the government has collected on them with third parties, doing so in a secure way. According to Information System Authority, this can help, for example, insurance companies to offer lower rates to those whose risks are lower. It is also possible that the new service will enable several new business opportunities.

Estonia’s local government elections in 2005 were different from all the previous ones in the world. Estonia became the first country to implement voting via the internet or “e-voting” at nation-wide elections. The number of e-voters was just 9,317 or 1.9 per cent of those participating at the elections. In 2019, already 247,232 votes – or 43.8 per cent of the total number of votes – were cast online.

During the previous decades, Estonia has built an efficient, secure and transparent digital ecosystem that delivers value and saves time and money.

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