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PM Ratas: Our future and prosperity depend on how effective and innovative we are

"Digital solutions can make our economies grow, make governments more effective and make the world a better place," Prime Minister Ratas said at World Government Summit in Dubai, adding that in Estonia we have been witness to all that.

Ratas described how after regaining its independence in 1991, Estonia had to start everything from the beginning. “We soon understood that our future and prosperity depends on how effective and innovative we are,” he said.

“Estonia’s public sector has been developing its digital capabilities for 20 years, we have been innovative and open. This, in turn, has helped our economy grow and has supported economic development and social cohesion.” This does not, however, mean that Estonia will stop here.

“Everything that a person is entitled to get from the government, he or she should get automatically,” PM Ratas presented a vision of the future. Of course, future public services will be influenced by the further development of technology. “Our public sector already has services that are based on automatic data collection or artificial intelligence,” Mr. Ratas stressed, adding that “digital bridges” are being built with other countries and regions. “This can help us share knowledge and experiences and thus fasten economic growth and create new jobs.”

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Need more information?

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