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PowerUP unveils a new kind of energy system, with fuel cells and super batteries

Estonia's hydrogen innovator PowerUP Energy Technologies unveils UPMobile, a portable hydrogen-powered system with fuel cells and batteries that aims to bring clean, powerful energy to industrial sites.

Estonian hydrogen startup PowerUP Energy Technologies is teaming up with Norwegian partners Nordic Batteries ASand Beyonder AS to launch the UPMobile, a new all-in-one battery solution powered by green hydrogen.

This project, backed by the Estonia-Norway “Green ICT” cooperation programme, aims to develop a portable 10,000 W generator using a hydrogen fuel cell and a lithium-ion super battery. The UPMobile is designed to provide clean energy to high-energy demand industries like construction and mining.

“The construction sector is one of the most polluting industries, where no good alternative to diesel fuel has been found. At the same time, the European Union has set ambitious goals for mitigating the sector’s environmental impact and reducing carbon dioxide emissions,” said Ivar Kruusenberg, founder of PowerUP Energy Technologies, as quoted by Power Progress.

“Hydrogen, increasingly available as a fuel thanks to the green transition, plays an increasingly important role in this regard.”

The UPMobile uses a hydrogen fuel cell to continuously cover low-power demands up to 10 kW.


It also features a high-power lithium-ion battery, enabling it to provide up to 100 kW of power for high-energy applications like construction lifts. This approach from PowerUP reduces emissions and provides a more efficient and cost-effective solution compared to existing options. A typical petrol generator might be 20-35% efficient, while a hydrogen fuel cell can reach efficiencies over 60%. So both the environment and the end customer are winning.

“It’s only a matter of time before hydrogen becomes more widespread in the construction sector, as the EU is increasingly supporting hydrogen infrastructure projects,” Kruusenberg says. “Moreover, feedback from the sector confirms that the adoption of such technologies is not only environmentally friendly but also strategically beneficial.”

The UPMobile product is set to launch in late 2024. It will join the varied set of Estonian-made hydrogen innovations — from novel electrolysers to ultra-fast charging capacitors, breakthrough fuel cells and more. Estonia, with its world-first Hydrogen Valley, is building a complete hydrogen ecosystem across the entire country.

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