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Summer 2020 issue of Life in Estonia focuses on the revolution in education

The summer 2020 issue of Life in Estonia magazine focuses on the revolution in education initiated by Estonians and why that nation can be proudly called an Education Nation.

“Estonian education has successfully passed the hard test of resilience and sustainability during the recent global pandemic. The Estonian school system was totally closed down on the 16th of March from the primary to tertiary level. It took one or two weeks for all students, teachers and families to switch from conventional to virtual classrooms,” Professor of Social Communication at the University of Tartu and Lead expert in Estonia’s education strategy 2035, Marju Lauristin writes as an introduction to the Summer 2020 issue of the Life in Estonia Magazine. “We can proudly say that, despite all initial fears, Estonian education has successfully passed this litmus test,” Lauristin adds.

  • The cover story “Education nation – for the smartEST people in the world” explores what lies behind the excellent PISA tests results of Estonian students and initiative to make Estonia’s experience in the fields of educational innovation an international success story.
  • One of the earliest Estonian EdTech founders Märt Aro writes on how an educational revolution that started in Estonia can enable access to high-quality education to everyone globally.
  • The magazine explores how Estonian EdTech companies such as Lingvist and 99math make learning personal.
  • Estonian scientists at the University of Tartu envision possible COVID-19 scenarios.
  • Ann-Marii Nergi gives us a summarised overview on how Estonians could not just stay still and do nothing in the midst of the crisis – instead they acted and they hacked: ‘Hack the crisis the Estonian way
  • Hack the Crisis Success Story: AI-based chatbot Suve was born in virtual collaboration in the early days of the COVID-19 caused emergency situation in Estonia, helping us to cope with the crisis better.

In short – Estonia’s excellent education system and innovation mindset indicate that there are smart people here to create new solutions for today’s and future economies.

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