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Top 10 exciting smart home solutions created in Estonia

As the world leader in terms of startups and unicorns per capita, Estonia enjoys, in addition to economic growth, a more comfortable everyday life. We picked out 10 exciting smart home solutions, created by Estonian startups, to keep an eye on as both a homeowner and an investor.

Estonia leads the world when it comes to startup creation as well as unicorn building per capita. With a population of 1.3 million, Estonia is a home for 1,291 startups and 7 unicorns. This makes one startup per 1,000 people and 5.3 unicorns per million people.

Haljas Houses

The sauna tradition has been an important part of the Estonian culture for centuries. For Estonians, the most truthful conversations happen in the sauna. We may seem a bit reserved at first, but the sauna is where we truly open up and understand each other. It’s our oldest social network and the perfect place to talk business.

Haljas has put the emphasis on making all your sauna experiences memorable and comfortable. With its reflective LED lamp-surrounded mirror design, 7-seater capacity and remote-controlled technology, Haljas is definitely one of the most special home gadgets you could have in your smart garden.



The Huum heater, which has won design awards and is also used in Haljas saunas, is an elegant detail that makes every sauna special – in addition to its distinctive round design and brilliant quality, Huum has the opportunity to heat the sauna without you being at home. The high-tech and easy-to-use UKU remote control lets you choose the right temperature, light, and steam for your sauna. This is the sauna experience you have to experience!



If you want to enjoy life like Marie Antoinette (but not to die in that horrible way, of course) played by Kirsten Dunst in the movie by Sofia Coppola, to wake up every day when a maid draws the curtains, SOMA Smart Shades is made for you.

Soma has developed a smart curtain motor that you can control through your smartphone. For example, you can put it in the mode so that it rolls up your blinds every morning at 7 and pulls them down at 10 in the evening.

“You’ll spend 90 days stuck in traffic jams during your life. And 40 days opening and closing your window shades,” says SOMA on their website. That’s why SOMA is here to make these 40 days of your life a more exciting experience.



Estonian startup ParcelSea is a company dealing with smart mailboxes that ensures that all parcels ordered to your home will be safely received and, if necessary, returned. You know the situation when a courier calls you and says that they will be there in 5 minutes, while you’re still in the office. The ParcelSea smart mailbox will help you out by placing a minimal-looking smart mailbox in front of your house which enables you to receive up to 3 packages (including 5 grocery bags) during the day without you even being home.


Click & Grow

Click & Grow is like a small garden in the corner of your kitchen – with this smart garden you can comfortably and easily grow different products (from tomatoes to basil). Smart garden by Click & Grow produces food from basically nothing – just water the potted plant if it reminds of it and leave the rest of the growth process to the innovative soil mixture and software.


BLE Locking

The keys have been around the world for nearly 4,000 years and we still use them. However, there is a constant problem with them – they disappear, they need to be exchanged, left to someone, and so on. So, a much better idea is to use a BLE smart lock, which you can set for your home, office, garage, or elevator. The smart lock does not require an internet connection and you can also open the doors remotely with your phone.



We focus a lot on what to eat or do to be healthier. We think less about what we breathe and how to make this healthier. Airobot comes to the rescue with its innovative indoor climate systems, by producing high-tech ventilation devices that improves the air’s quality and therefore changes our quality of life. Their ventilation equipment and heating control solutions can be controlled via the physical control panel, as well as the iOS and Android mobile app from anywhere, regardless of your location.



Etnobird will be entering the market as an automatic bird feeder, that brings a person living in the heart of the city a little closer to nature. This modern birdhouse collects all the statistics to your smartphone about who and how many birds visit your home garden and that in real-time. You can also see a real-time video when a birdie has come to explore the house.


Roofit Solar

Green energy is getting more and more attention, even in private houses. Roofit Solar is not only a green energy solution for your home, but it also replaces roofing and facade materials. These are the sunroofs that, with their innovation and environmental friendliness, guarantee you an investment in the future.



Starship shows us a future we can only imagine – they are autonomous robots in the city. These Starship six-wheeled delivery robots are bringing us food home already today. Seemingly little characters can hold almost 3 bags of groceries, and home delivery is affordable as well as environmentally friendly.


Enjoy our smart home solutions, relax and pick up a startup to invest in. To find out more about smart solutions created in Estonia, click here. To speak with your personal investment advisor, fill out our complimentary e-Consulting form (it takes just a minute).

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