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Top investment news from Estonia

Last month was unprecedentedly successful for Estonia, as not one, but TWO new unicorns founded by Estonians were announced! These companies, reaching a billion-dollar valuation, strengthen Estonia’s leading position as a world leader in unicorn production.

Estonia got its sixth unicorn: Zego

As Invest Estonia predicted in December 2020, Estonia’s next unicorn was be announced in 2021. Estonia, the world leader in numbers of unicorns per capita, got its sixth unicorn Zego in March 2021.

Yet another unicorn co-founded by an Estonian,, strengthens Estonia’s position as a world leader in unicorn production

Just a few weeks later, yet another technology company co-founded by an Estonian,, also reached billion dollar valuation and unicorn status, strengthening Estonia’s position as the world’s most successful unicorn factory.

To build a unicorn, having an Estonian on board seems to bring good luck – so now you know, where to find the unicorn builders.

Charlie Munger: “If you go to a little country like Estonia, the whole damn country is on the internet and it’s a very good idea.”

Talking about success, we shouldn’t underestimate Estonia’s remarkable digitalization… and the fact that digital state services are considered almost a human right in Estonia. Even Charlie Munger, an American billionaire investor and businessman, the right-hand man of Warren Buffett, said at 2021 Daily Journal Annual Meeting: “If you go to a little country like Estonia, the whole damn country is on the internet and it’s a very good idea.”

Estonian-founded Skeleton Technologies to enter Asian automotive market: strategic cooperation with and substantial investment from Marubeni

We are sure that Estonians are not yet done with building unicorns. One of Estonia’s soon-to-be unicorns, Skeleton Technologies (a Global Cleantech 100 company and the largest European manufacturer of ultracapacitors) and Marubeni Corporation, one of Japan’s largest conglomerates, signed a strategic cooperation agreement to support commercial scale-up and customer acquisition for Skeleton’s ultracapacitors (also known as SuperBattery) in the Asian automotive sector, with a strong focus on electrified vehicles and hydrogen-based transportation.

birkle IT: Top 3 reasons why investing in Estonia is the best bet for your business

Are you already considering investing in Estonia? In case you need another confirmation, these are top reasons from birkle IT, why they invested in Estonia and how investing in Estonia may also be the best bet for your business.

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