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Digital Experts: Why Estonia needs to be among the top in 5G to be a digital leader?

Éric Bothor, a member of the French National Assembly explains why 5G is an important part of the technology shaping tomorrow's digital leaders.

The world’s first commercial 5G networks were launched in June in Tampere and Tallinn and a video call was made for the first time between two 5G networks. Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Kadri Simson made a video call to her colleague Minister of Transport and Communications Anne Berner. A 3.5 GHz frequency was used for the establishment of the 5G network, which is also one of the first frequencies in the future 5G network.

“The volume of the movement of data in the world is ever increasing and therefore the introduction of new technology is extremely important. Estonia already today is contributing to the development of self-driving vehicles and without a 5G connection it is difficult to organize automated movement based on artificial intelligence on the roads,” minister Simson explained the importance of the new and faster mobile networks.

Éric Bothorel, a member of the French National Assembly who recently visited Estonia to attend technology conference Latitude59, explains in the video, what role 5G has to play in shaping future digital leaders.

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