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5 reasons to be in Tallinn for GreenTech Week

Discover the future of sustainable tech, urban mobility, and more from November 14-17 at Tallinn's GreenTech Week.

Tallinn, the European Green Capital of 2023, will become a world leader in green technology from November 13-17. Opened by GreenTech exhibition NEXPO Tallinn, it will showcase innovative ideas from Europe, Asia, and the United States. Here are five reasons why you should attend GreenTech Week.

Explore the future of sustainable mobility

GreenTech Week offers a unique platform to explore the future of sustainable urban mobility way beyond conventional passenger cars.

Attendees can look forward to learning about advancements in electric vehicle (EV) technologies, including batteries and components. With the global shift toward electric transportation, understanding the latest breakthroughs in EVs is crucial for staying ahead. Estonia is ready to lead the charge with world-class battery tech manufacturing, crucial magnet supply and more.

Yet, replacing traditional combustion engines is just a part of the story. There’s also a challenge to make traffic better and cities more liveable. This year, GreenTech Week highlights solutions to reduce traffic, cut emissions, and improve public transportation systems.

Another part worth researching is advanced air mobility, a rapidly evolving field that promises to change urban transportation. From air taxis to drone deliveries, the event will shed light on the latest developments. Estonia is already exploring those solutions, as the country is partnering with Airbus on the LifeSaver program to optimize the emergency healthcare system with fully-electric aircraft prototype CityAirbus NextGen.

Engage with sustainable innovation

In an era where remote and online work is becoming increasingly prevalent, GreenTech Week emphasizes the importance of sustainable innovation. Estonia, which was ranked in top-10 for effective energy transition by the World Economic Forum, indeed has a thing or two to show.

On GreenTech Week, attendees can discover technologies and strategies that are shaping a sustainable future. As organizations worldwide strive to reduce carbon emissions, the event showcases solutions for asset management and security in a digital, environmentally conscious world.

Learn about green pivot in hard-to-abate industries

Green transition is not only about switching to paper straws. The event will tackle the complex challenge of hard-to-abate industries, which include steel production, cement, concrete, chemicals, and plastics.

Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how these sectors are attracting attention from both investors and innovators. Key highlights include insights into groundbreaking advancements in industrial biotechnology, which is gaining traction as it offers sustainable alternatives and solutions for traditionally high-emission industries. For example, Estonian innovators at Fibenol are already offering ways to produce bio-based raw materials like lignin, wood sugars, and speciality cellulose from woody biomass.

Drive transformation in agriculture and food

The transformation of agriculture, food, and energy sectors is also a pivotal part of our greener future. With GreenTech Week, you will have the opportunity to explore the future of agriculture, driven by alternative proteins, crop and soil science, and biological inputs. Estonian companies like e-Agronom and Paul-Tech are already leading the way in modernising farming practices.

Go to the side events

GreenTech Week is not just a singular gathering but an incredible opportunity to get inspired and informed about sustainable solutions across various industries. Here are the best events you can attend:

  • GreenEST Summit – Facilitating networking and connections in the Estonian greentech industry through matchmaking.
  • Cleantech Forum Europe – Uniting influential clean technology leaders, including executives, CEOs, investors, and government agencies worldwide.
  • Smart Cities Convention – Addressing strategic public innovation, human-centric implementation of smart city tools, and public-private sector connectivity.
  • Green Governance Conference – Sharing best practices and discussing challenges in transitioning to green governance with cities from the Baltic Sea Region.
  • Balanced Economy Forum– Encouraging decision-makers to explore and implement new environmentally friendly economic models.

Whether you’re interested in green technology, clean energy, smart cities, governance, or sustainable economic models, GreenTech Week will provide both insights and networking opportunities. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of these transformative discussions in Tallinn, the heart of green innovation.

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