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An achievement of Swedish and Estonian researchers to bring a breakthrough in data transfer

Researchers from TalTech the Chalmers University of Technology demonstrated a 4,000-kilometre fibre-optic transmission line, which will improve the quality of data communication and, for example, radio, mobile, and Internet connection.

This breakthrough in fibre optics by Estonian and Swedish researchers is crucial, for example, in remote controlling drones in dangerous environments and storing cloud data, as well as in 3D video and virtual reality applications – that is, in situations where very voluminous and time-critical data transmission is required.

Researchers and the greatest minds in electronics and IT from around the world are looking for such new pioneering technologies, which makes the achievement of the researchers from the Photonics Laboratory of the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden and the Thomas Johann Seebeck Department of Electronics of TalTech all the more special. It was also published in the journal Nature Communications.

The breakthrough was made possible by the new phase-sensitive optical amplifier. It is characterised by a significantly lower basic noise level compared to existing amplifiers. This is what made it possible to increase the length of the transmission lines more than six times.

The innovative amplifiers developed by researchers from two technical universities significantly reduce the accumulation of noise, as well as signal distortion, and as a result, it has become possible to increase the length of the transmission lines more than six times. Compared to traditional solutions, such novel amplifiers significantly improve the quality of communication and the quality of fibre optic communication systems is also likely to increase in the future.

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