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April 9-12: The Global Hack

“The Global Hack” is a massive global movement kicked off by Estonia to hack the future, so we would never have to go through a corona-like crisis again.

Nearly half of the human kind is under lockdown due to Covid-19. Online, without borders, tech activists are joining forces to rapidly build solutions. It’s time to unite for the biggest hack of our lives: hacking the crises one idea at a time. So we would never have to be in lockdown again.

We live in the middle of an unheard crisis — a situation that is new to all of us. There’s an immense need to battle problems caused by the immediate emergency, while also looking two steps ahead – how will we deal with the expected massive changes to our economy, workplaces, healthcare, and the environment as we find our world order transformed — perhaps, beyond recognition?

That’s why Garage48 is organizing “The Global Hack”: they want to help you to help! The world’s biggest hackathon brings together great minds, world-class mentors and talented teams to create solutions for better tomorrows.

We find ourselves in a unique situation, and are literally all in this together — the entire world is looking for solutions to the same problems at the same time. If we move fast enough, this global hack could become something that has a massive social and economical impact beyond our imagination!

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Fight for our future

As a prologue to “The Global Hack”, Estonia’s national initiative of “Hack the Crisis” was held at the beginning of March. Estonia organized the first online hackathon “Hack the Crisis” and planted the seed for the movement to spread around the world.

“What I’m saying is that we hack for love,” writes Marko Russiver, the Co-founder of Guaana, one of the partners of the hackathon. “We hack for the people we don’t know and will never meet. We hack for the first responders, the grandmothers, the newborns, boomers, and the millennials. We hack for the future where you don’t have to be afraid to hug another person. We hack because we are all living in one small village in this new world. We are not European, American, African, or Asian. We are human. And we will hack, because we, humans, love,” Russiver explains in his LinkedIn post.

The hackathon has already drawn attention across the globe – covered by Forbes, Silicon Republic, GovInsider among others – and brought on board a fleet of world-class mentors, such as Silicon Valley’s tech superstar Steve Jurvetson, former President of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves, and Chris Anderson, Head of TED.

According to Forbes, it is impressive, how Estonia responded to the coronavirus crisis and how much there is to learn from digital frontrunners, such as Estonia to tackle the crisis.

As a result of this hackathon, and due to the efforts of the Estonian startup community, a number of necessary innovations have already been made a reality to cope with the changed circumstances.

Now, it’s time to hack the crisis with even more power, bringing together people, ideas and skills from around the world. Check out the hackathon’s official website and start hacking!

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