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Autumn 2022 issue of Life in Estonia highlights the Estonian energy sector and leadership

The newest issue of Life in Estonia magazine is telling the stories of cooperation between the public and private sectors that helps to pave the way for sustainable energy production and turn Estonia 100% renewable by 2030.

“Our goal is set on the year 2030 with the keyword “Renewable Energy 100”. This means we aim to produce the same amount of renewable electricity in Estonia in 2030 as our total annual consumption,” Riina Sikkut, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure writes in the editorial of the Autumn 2022 issue of the Life in Estonia magazine. This is one of Europe’s most progressive and ambitious plans — just in line with Tallinn being chosen as the European Green Capital of 2023. “We will reach that goal by building new (offshore) wind farms, by speeding up bureaucracy for entrepreneurs, by strengthening the mainland grid for dispersed production, by investing in new radar systems so that we won’t have to compromise between national defence and energy security, and by financially supporting locals who accept new windmills and solar parks.”

+ The cover focuses on an extensive interview with Kaja Kallas, the Prime Minister of Estonia. Nowadays known as Europe’s new Iron Lady, she lays down the plan to shield the population and business from high energy prices and stresses the importance of European cooperation and integration. Kallas, who received several international awards for her adherence to democratic values and liberal economic policy, once again voiced her support for Ukraine. From cybersecurity to clean energy production, there’s a vision for a better future for Estonia, argues Kallas.

+ What’s a global digital nation? Launched 8 years ago and now equaling the number of residents of Estonia’s second-largest city (Tartu) famous e-Residency program puts the country in the spotlight for entrepreneurs across the globe. Lauri Haav, managing director of e-Residency, talks about the insides of the system and envisions the future of e-Residency.

+ Liquid energy is no longer about oil. There’s a Hydrogen Valley emerging in Estonia where companies like PowerUP Energy Technologies, Auve Tech and Elcogen are building products at the forefront of energy innovation. Besides fuel cells and personal generators, hydrogen could also power self-driving buses, adding yet another pillar of Estonia’s future energy production.

+ Windy weather is now a strong advantage, as Estonia aims to become the world’s largest producer of wind energy per capita. We dig deeper into the governmental plan to facilitate the building of new energy offshore wind farms and make the Baltic see an energy powerhouse.

+ Incap Estonia, a Saaremaa-based subsidiary of an international manufacturer of electronic equipment, will help a tiny part of Estonia fly to the Moon. The company, which already provides electronics for wind turbines, scooters and all kinds of machinery, will deliver two stereo cameras to Maxar Technologies, which participates in NASA’s Artemis Lunar program.

+ Michelin found its way into Estonia, adding 31 local restaurants to its impressive roaster of 15,000 dining places. Two of them earned their first Michelin Star, which could be roughly translated as an Oscar in the chef’s world.

+ You can also read about other exciting Estonian companies, such as BLRT GruppEnicsSolarstoneSolariders and learn more about Work in Estonia Spouse Program or Tallinn being chosen as European Green Capital 2023.

Read the newest issue of Life in Estonia magazine here:


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