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British Companies Looking for Opportunities in Estonia after the Brexit Referendum

Because of Brexit there are many British companies looking for new places for operation in the European Union, Estonia often being one of the places considered according to business newspaper Ärileht.

Head of the Estonian Investment Agency Indrek Pällo told the newspaper that there have already been several queries from British companies who are looking for new countries to operate from after Brexit becomes a reality.

According to Pällo, Enterprise Estonia that the agency is a part of, is constantly working on promoting Estonia as a destination for foreign investment. Because of Brexit, the Investment Agency is now considering how to take the message about Estonia’s possibilities and the opportunities that e-Residency has to offer, to British startup companies.

He said that Estonia can offer a suitable location, qualified work force and good business environment to many British companies. Effective e-infrastructure can help the companies keep their running costs low, high proficiency of English makes it easier to operate.

Pällo stressed that the opportunities the Estonian economy has to offer are not concentrated in any specific sector. Besides the IT companies that the world speaks about, there are industrial companies looking for foreign investment.

Estonian e-Residency website has already seen a significant increase in the number of visits and applications from the UK. The web site traffic increase was 10 times, comparing the last week and the week before Brexit.

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Need more information?

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