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Cleantech59 spotlights Estonia’s sustainable innovators

Cleantech59 presents eight CleanTech companies of Estonia, ready to make the world a greener place to live. Watch the pitches of these game-changers and get ready to contribute to their growth as a sustainable investor.

The GreenTech NEXPO, held in Tallinn in November 2023, provided a global platform for unveiling cutting-edge green technologies. Amidst the international showcase, Estonia’s CleanTech sector emerged as a key player, drawing attention to its commitment to environmental innovation. Here are the eight standout companies that stole the limelight during the event: Gelatex Technologies, Fibenol, PowerUp Technologies, Timbeter, ÄIO, Bisly, Shroomwell, and Roofit Solar.

Gelatex Technologies

Gelatex Technologies is an Estonian CleanTech that aims to enable a more sustainable and healthier world by allowing us to enjoy meat dishes without harming any animals. Gelatex specialises in nanofiber innovation by manufacturing nanofibrous materials using proprietary halospinning technology. Gelatex’s Gelacell™ plays a crucial role in the production of scalable cultured meat, offering a highly porous scaffold with exceptional biocompatibility and non-toxicity.


Fibenol is an Estonian CleanTech innovator that focuses on creating sustainable biomaterials from wood chips. Leveraging its Sunburst® technology, Fibenol converts wood chips into valuable streams such as C5 sugars, C6 sugars, and LIGNOVATM lignin fractions within seconds. As a spin-off of Graanul Invest Group, Fibenol is poised to redefine value chains and contribute to sustainable practices in various industries, from road construction to the food industry.

PowerUp Technologies

PowerUp Technologies is an Estonian CleanTech gem that focuses on making hydrogen a daily source of energy through their UP® generators. The UP® generators, based on proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells, offer a reliable and environmentally friendly solution for energy generation. By converting hydrogen and oxygen into electricity with only water as a byproduct, PowerUP Technologies addresses pollution concerns and contributes to a cleaner future.


Timbeter is an Estonian CleanTech venture that is changing the timber industry, one log at a time. Timbeter is a digital timber measurement solution, presenting an innovative approach to eradicating illegal logging. Using machine learning technology and AI, Timbeter ensures accurate log detection, benefiting both log buyers and sellers. The platform integrates mobile applications and a cloud computing solution, providing real-time overviews and efficient data transfer.


ÄIO, an Estonian CleanTech success story, is dedicated to transforming the food industry by addressing the environmental impact of the current system, responsible for over a third of greenhouse gas emissions. Through fermentation processes and the use of the “red bug” microbe, ÄIO emerges as a trailblazer in crafting appealing and eco-friendly fats and oils. They produce sustainable alternatives to palm and coconut oils, offering not only environmental benefits but also healthier options devoid of allergic reactions. Calculations indicate that ÄIO’s solution could potentially mitigate 160 kT of CO2 annually.


Estonian CleanTech Bisly stands out as a truly scalable intelligent building solution, focusing on making energy-saving simple and affordable for everyone. By combining manufacturing, installation, building management software, and digital twin infrastructure into one platform, Bisly reduces acquisition costs and achieves near parity with conventional construction practices. With a market leadership position in Estonia, Bisly is reshaping building automation with its cost-effective and integrated approach.


Estonia is the home of mighty mushrooms, valued ingredients of the global food and wellness industries. Estonian CleanTech Shroomwell has mixed ancestral wisdom with science, conducted research in many fields, and operates now large-scale mushroom farms in Estonia, Sweden, and the US to cultivate medicinal and gourmet mushrooms. Shroomwell challenges the common approach to forest value that only considers the value of the wood, by adding there a vertical layer of surrounding fungal community.


Roofit.Solar is an Estonian CleanTech scale-up, which stole the spotlight at Green Tech Week Tallinn with its building-integrated (BIPV) metal solar roofs. These roofs allow homeowners to generate solar energy while preserving aesthetics. The solar cells, seamlessly integrated into all-black metal sheets, are nearly invisible from afar, demonstrating Roofit.Solar’s commitment to blending sustainability with design.

Make a sustainable investment in Estonia

Estonia’s CleanTech sector stands as a sustainability hub, with these eight companies leading the charge towards a greener future. Cleantech59 invites environmentally conscious investors to watch the compelling pitches of these game-changers and contribute to the growth of sustainable initiatives. Watch the full recording of the Cleantech59 here:

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