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Estonia creates a public code repository for e-governance solutions

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and the Information System Authority have finished the first version of an e-state code repository, which will make software solutions built for the government public and accessible.

The code repository is based on open source technologies and the code stored there is public for everyone. In the future, all source code for e-state solutions will be open and can be used by anyone, unless required otherwise for security reasons.

“This is an important step towards the “government as a service” principle, which I have stressed during my tenure,” said Rene Tammist, the previous minister of information technology and entrepreneurship. “Sharing software and solutions gives companies the opportunity to build new products and services or develop existing ones. It also supports the development of the e-state. These solutions can be and should be used and shared more across different areas of governance in Estonia. This way we avoid reinventing the bicycle each time and also save on development costs,” said Tammist.

Bringing public and private sectors closer

The long term goal is to build community-based e-state solutions and the code repository will be a cornerstone for that. “This will bring public and private sectors closer, allow for more collaboration and transparency and will serve our common interests of ensuring a sustainable long-term e-state,” said the previous minister. The code repository and the Open Government Data Portal are important building blocks for the government as a service concept. According to Tammist it is important that government institutions in the future will systematically invest in the quality and accessibility of open data and code.

Further roadmap will be planned

This is the first iteration of the code repository and the Estonian Information System Authority will maintain support it. Further roadmap will be planned in collaboration with the Information System Authority and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

The code repository will be available at

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Need more information?

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