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Estonia welcomes foreign startups and startup employees

New startup visas and permits scheme are to go into effect this autumn in Estonia, making it easier for non-Estonians to relocate or set up their startup in Estonia as well as enabling all startups registered in Estonia to recruit people from outside the EU.

The startup visa gives foreign teams the opportunity to easily settle in for up to a year-long stay, by being able to finance their stay. Should people want to stay longer – and we hope they will, they can go for a startup permit of up to five years and bring their family and friends along too!

For startups already active in Estonia, tapping into talent from outside the EU will become more viable: employees select a 3- or 12-month working visa or a even permit for up to five years. Startups can employ overseas employees without having to meet the current salary requirements and without any consent from the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund. More specific requirements and details will be released in Q4 of 2016.

As Skype, Transferwise and GrabCAD amongst others have proven, Estonia is fertile ground for global innovations and thus we hope that foreign startups and talent will benefit from the new startup visa scheme and decide to choose Estonia!

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Need more information?

Need more information?

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